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  1. Mariette Valsan at | | Reply

    The nude clutch witht he embellished paisleys on it. Number 8 in the list of images. gorgeous and will go with anything.

  2. Sancharita Chatterjee at | | Reply

    Hi I wanted to enter this contest as I simply loved the collection the bag that I selected would go really well with a smart formal look as well as with a ethinic attire.
    Its a safe colour and suits my taste.

  3. Surabhi at | | Reply

    I like the red clutch as shown in the picture. The red color adds to the brightness and the silver colored stones and the patch makes it a perfect accessory for evenings and wedding functions. It can be well paired with dress of any color be it black, red or white. At the same time I imagine myself carrying it with my red and white saree that I am going to wear in a function next month.

  4. Fab at | | Reply

    Pinky Saraf has such beautiful clutches!! Apart from the one shown here, I loved the oval shaped minaudiere with multicolored stones and thin chain strap. The unusual shape and beautiful stones make it truly eye catching!! Not to mention that it would go with outfits of different colors :-)

  5. Rash at | | Reply

    Apart from the red clutch above, I loved the black and white emerald chain clutch (Pic no.11)!
    It oozes ROYALTY and CLASSINESS !
    Would love to have it with me :)

  6. Akhila at | | Reply

    I love the black box clutch with colourful stone embellishments.Love those stones and colours.It adds the required colour to my favorite colour black.I see it going down with most outfits.

  7. namita at | | Reply

    Love the black one (2nd in the FB pics)!

  8. samridhi at | | Reply

    I liked no. 14 of 22 the best! Reason being, the shape, the colors of the stones and the vibrancy of the design – which would make it work with n number of outfits!!!

  9. monika at | | Reply

    I love the clutch no 13 with mustard stones & chain…….it looks like such a fun, young, classy piece :)

  10. Nidhi C at | | Reply

    I love the red one here best. Besides this I like the white and jute combination clutch with (aam shaped) embellishments.

    2nd row last picture in the album

  11. Jaya at | | Reply

    Absolutely love the colored stones clutch (with chain)..it is colorful, funky and classy at the same time. But my favorite has to be the giveaway clutch-love this shade of red :)

  12. Prerna at | | Reply

    Oh i love the clutch number 5.. so elegant.. perfect colur to go with every colu.. the front portion is so new and fresh with those dangles.. it will dazzle up any simple dress i wear.. in the lust list

  13. Sneha at | | Reply

    is my favorite.Classic, gold can be paired with most of the colors, will go well with ethnics or western dresses, and mirror work with bright golden patch highlights it just the right way!

  14. Nidhi at | | Reply

    My favourite of the lot is the Black fold over clutch with antique silver patch detail and black bauble in the middle (Second in the album ‘clutches’).

    Love the antique silver finish on black, its just an irresistible combination! Would work with both Indian sarees and lbds. Perfect delicate details makes it ultra feminine too!

  15. Vishakha at | | Reply

    Clutch pic 15 is my fav..Its elegant and will go well with most colours..be it white black red pastels…almost all of them

  16. Sneha at | | Reply

    Clutch number 10.Classic, gold can be paired with most of the colors, will go well with ethnics or western dresses, and mirror work with bright golden patch highlights it just the right way!

  17. Roshni at | | Reply

    All the designs are simply superb!! My favourites are the 6th clutch,love the colours on it and very unique and also the 18th sling clutch the combination of black and silver is to die for absolutely love the design such a glam feel to it! And not roomies forget the red clutch to be won its simply beautiful, neat and clean design absolutely lovely!

  18. Roshni at | | Reply


  19. Neha Borkar at | | Reply

    The black one, it will go very well with a LBD

  20. Shyamal at | | Reply

    Thank you HHC ladies and Ms. Saraf for this contest. Ms. Saraf’s collection is splendid. The mélange of textures and materials has been done so well in her collection. I especially like the silver grey clutch with the three mangoes. The reason being Ms. Saraf has blended earthy textures with the right amount of bling to bring a beautiful ethnic appeal to this clutch that is both contemporary, yet so vintage. Très chic!

  21. prets-a-prats at | | Reply

    The clutch in the fourth pic is fantastic.
    Firstly the color is one of my favorites.
    the Use of bronze and gold and studded embellishments is just right…not to much not to little.
    The shape is pretty.
    And last but not the least ‘The’ design from the collection which will suit for an Indian affair or with a western outfil

  22. Beena at | | Reply

    I love the silver and beige one with the golden chains hanging. It would match well with a lot of things.

  23. Lisabelle Gonsalves at | | Reply

    It was really hard to pick one ‘coz I love the embellishments on most of these clutches. But I would have to go with the clutch in Pic 11 of 22 Why? Because its neutral colours make it ever so elegant and the stones on it are dazzling. What’s more, it can be worn with the sling or without, making it great for switching up looks!

  24. Bedatri at | | Reply

    My favourite would be the clutch that features in the second picture of the album- the one with chocolate brown/ black flap with the metal square embellishment. I love it for its potential to be versatile- the Black/ Dark Brown colour makes it a perfect accessory for a night event and the square gives it ample potential to pull up the dressy quotient of an attire. What’s more? It can go with saris- both with heavy silks and papery chiffons and can make heads turn when carried with the classic LBD.

  25. Nidhi at | | Reply

    This yellow clutch –
    Its so kitschy!

  26. Shri at | | Reply

    I love this – such a bright colour!

  27. Shrinidhi at | | Reply

    I love a pop of colour with my monochrome outfits and thsi one would look so fab!!!

  28. Jahnavi Chakravarty at | | Reply

    I like the black box clutch with the yellow & red embellishment coz its a blend of the classic (the black box part) and quirky (the yellow & red beads) just like me.
    Also like the black & gold clutch with the red horn-like embellishment on the flap, because, well, it reminds of a rams head and is fiercely independent!

  29. Reema Lobo at | | Reply

    I’m obsessing over Clutch no.8 apart from this Red Pinky Saraf clutch. Clutch no. 8 goes perfect to the T with the sari i inherited from my mom for my wedding.. :) I hope to win this one..

  30. Haem at | | Reply

    The red clutch is really beautiful, especially the burst of colour, coupled with the classy stone work.

    If I had to pick another clutch from the collection, I would go with the elegant silver clutch with the stone work in paisley pattern (number 8 in the album). It is simple, elegant, and stunning. It exudes a sophistication, and is perfect for a cocktail party or even a casual brunch. The best part, it can be paired with numerous outfits. I also admire the work, that is detailed, and simple, yet quite eye-catching. It is usually tough to find the right mix when looking for clutches as often, many end up looking tacky due to their shabby work. But this clutch is chic and stylish. All in all, I like! :)

    Can I please have one? :D

  31. Alisha Coelho at | | Reply

    I love the white one with the three paisley motifs. I totally see it going with a tweed suit that’s soon going be off my lust list and in my closet!

  32. Aathira at | | Reply

    Really liked the brocade and cream silk clutch with the peacock sort of plumage detail.

    Why? I think the brocade looks very rich and different for a clutch and the cream brings in a great contrast and backdrop for the detailing also.

  33. Amina at | | Reply

    Clutch 13…because of the fun colors and of all the ways it could be teemed up with different bright colored dresses to bring on the spring and summers!

  34. Nandita at | | Reply

    I like the black clutch with the red, turqoise and black stone on it. Its classy and makes a statement. This clutch will go with most of the outfits making it multi usage bag.

  35. Hetal Shah at | | Reply

    Just saw Pinky Saraf collection on FB and fall in love.. <3 <3 <3 What a classy royal collection they have. I love all of them and want to have all in my Style Trunk :D but the one I like most is
    This one is truly Royal. I can't stop dreaming while I will have this one in my hand.. <3 <3 <3

  36. Nikita at | | Reply

    I love the embellishment on this clutch! perfect to go with almost all your Indian, evening wear.

  37. Shivani Bhasin at | | Reply

    Last silver clutch no. 22 lovely. I like it coz it seems to give me an aura par imagination

  38. Heli at | | Reply

    i love the second clutch in the album linked here. i love it coz it can be paired with casual as well as traditional dresses and its black my favorite color:)

  39. Flier at | | Reply

    i like them all *modest face*

  40. Pia S at | | Reply

    Love pic number 13/22.. very vintage very chic <3

    I feel its Timeless and and will go long till i die. whether I am young or old Ill carry it with my placid dressing.

  41. Pooja Vijayvargiya at | | Reply

    I like the black clutch with blue and red design in the front. Black gives classic look to the clutch and red and blue add colour to the clutch.. Also it could match with practically all outfits ;)

  42. Sarah at | | Reply

    The yellow embellished Pinky Saraf clutch is an absolute stunner. The yellow and red gems are set in with the rest of the jewels in an artistic style. Overall its one of my favourites owing to the colours used. Will make a powerful style statement when paired with the most simplest of dresses.

  43. rpb at | | Reply

    clutch no 21 is the a classic evergreen, elegant, piece

  44. chandu at | | Reply

    Couldn’t find the names on fb for this..

    I love the light shades, n this clutch is simple yet very elegant.

  45. Sumitra at | | Reply

    Wait, were we supposed to leave a comment here, or on the FB page? Anyway, I like the clutch in pic number 15. The colors used are really interesting. Gives it a nice feel

  46. di at | | Reply

    love the clutch in the 11th pic (the one with the black border,,greyish middle &the big black stones)..it’s got spunk,attitude..it’s bold..without being tacktastic and could carry it off with both western and indian ensembles…and it wud definately make a statement..

  47. Shopaholic! at | | Reply

    I like the first black one. The shape is lovely, the colour is universal, just the right amount of embellishment plus it will look amazing on a petite frame body like me.

  48. Fatima at | | Reply

    This clutch is very pretty!! Another favourite is the beige clutch with the three brooches! Its very versatile and will match so many outfits!

  49. tanya at | | Reply

    I love the 6th clutch … its purple and silver with a peacock in front.
    i like how the designer has used so many elements such as feathers, brocade, beads, gold chain/links etc but yet maintained a harmony between them. plus its rich in colour and traditional looking.

  50. Rashmi Bhat at | | Reply

    I heart the black Pinky Saraf clutch (11th image) which has vintage feel to it. I have a thing for vintage stuffs, and this clutch instantly caught my eye for the feel of it.
    I would love to own of these clutches.

  51. Chaitanya at | | Reply

    I adore the chain link box cluth with the yellow “stone” work.

    Chic Unique :)

  52. jo at | | Reply

    I like the 8th design from her album. The motif is Indian but the colors are very contemporary. It will go very well both with Western and Indian outfit

  53. Mallika at | | Reply

    I absolutely heart the clutch with embedded coloured stones (pic numbered 14). I love the gorgeous splash of multi-coloured stones against a very complementary dull-gold background. This clutch can instantly pep up any outfit – day or night!

  54. Deepthi at | | Reply

    I love this one.Captures indo western beautifully and also goes with LBD’s as well as desi sarees

  55. AgoI at | | Reply

    My other fav. clutch is the one in Silver with 3 diamond accent pendent like patterns, 8th and second last photo in the album.


  56. Rachana at | | Reply

    This Pinky Saraf clutch is my favourite because it is elegant but at the same time the colourful stones on it give it a young feel! Also since it is black in colour it will match any outfit!

  57. Richa Lalwani at | | Reply

    I like the black one with a sling, grey leather patch and black, white and silver colored stones. It is simple and and not too gaudy, hence pleasant for eyes. Besides i like classic and elegant accessories that are not overtly done and can go with anything.

  58. gargi at | | Reply

    I love this clutch! It’s elegant, chic and classic with right amount of color pop! I love the detailing of the peacock…such a beauty it is..plus the different textures make it look so glam!I totally see myself carrying this either with nice plain punjabi suit or a nice western dress to highlight this clutch! Totally drool worthy:)

  59. smitha at | | Reply

    gold sequinned clutch with gold flower embellishment. (resident of hyderabad, india)

  60. IWantToWin at | | Reply

    Love this one! Unique design and goes well with indian and western outfits!

  61. JUHI DUTTA at | | Reply

    I like the Clutch No: 8 in their album( i dont know how else to describe it )
    i like it because i like Clean designs , like the one in red here.
    Also i think it looks royal and elegant.

  62. shivani at | | Reply

    OMG i am totally drooling over that fierce red clutch.
    i am a redhead and i have a huge crush on RED, so this clutch is specially designed for me LOL..i am bride-to-be n my gold lehnga will perfectly match with that gold clutch (7th).
    It’s luxurious, classy and beyond amazing. Perfect for my big day. :)

  63. Suganya at | | Reply

    The purple and fuchsia mixed Pinky Saraf clutch seems so cool with a peacock pattern. It adds so much drama. The colour is attractive and the golden swirl design above the peacock is subtle and i feel it is so balanced. It is my favorite since it works well with any indian outfut especially Anarkali, saree, or even fitted suit . Purple or fuchsia or even gold footwear goes with it.. So many choices from one.. Two words, DRAMATIC yet ELEGANT

  64. vandana at | | Reply

    The clutch you have shortlisted is definitely the best, most of the clutches in her collection are unique but I loved the No. 1 clutch most.

  65. shwetha at | | Reply

    I really loved her clutch# 15 from her collection

  66. hiral at | | Reply

    i loooovvvveee the one with purple feathers…its has such a regal and exotic look put togther!

  67. Anubha at | | Reply

    MEEE. Liked them on fb as well as followed them on twitter

  68. Anubha at | | Reply

    My fav clutch is … it’s the most elegant non blingy silver clutch that I’ve come cross till date

  69. shivani at | | Reply

    I really this white clutch .it looks very regal and can be paired with an indian and western outfit .

  70. Rashi at | | Reply

    Love the black box clutch with the 3 round stones and4 clear drop stones!

  71. shivani at | | Reply

    I really like this white clutch .it looks very regal and can be paired with an indian and western outfit .

  72. Aruna at | | Reply

    The 4th one on the 4th row is the clutch I liked the most. It has all the colors I love and can go with a saree as easily as it can with a more casual look. With the blue and the pink stones and the shape, it can elevate pretty much any look. It is sure to catch some eyeballs!!!

  73. Deepti at | | Reply

    I like the clutch in the giveaway and also the 8th clutch in the facebook album with the paisley embellishment.

  74. katey at | | Reply

    now that i’ve had the chance to look through all the clutches, i think they are all exceptionally gorgeous, however, if i had to pick a fav it would have to be still 17. it is gorgeous…….you could wear during the day, when your out with friends as well use it for evening use. its a a clutch for all seasons, as well as day and night!!!

  75. sayantani at | | Reply

    love the following as its understated and elegant and will go so well with my heirloom black Banarasi saree I acquired from my mother.

  76. nehac at | | Reply

    I like the 21no. Silver embelished clutch. Its very compact, elegant and universal. It can go up with any outfit without making it tacky with bling overload. Love it.

  77. sonam sinha at | | Reply

    liked FB page…
    all her collections r fab… its tough to go for one….love them alll
    i love this red one only……….its ma favrt.its like love in first sight….wow gorgeous….

  78. Natasha at | | Reply

    I love the silver clutch, with those mango shape embroidery.

  79. Richa Tanwar at | | Reply

    The other clutch which I lovedddd is the 15th one which has such lovely earthy tones from her collection. Apart from the elegance, I really liked the fact that it can be fused with any color or attire!

    But still, the red hot clutch for the giveaway is my first love :)

  80. pooja at | | Reply

    lovely clutches…..must have ones kind..

  81. khusboo at | | Reply

    liked the 16th number pic out of the 22 clutches as it can b taken with both indian n western….colors r bright…look is chic…

  82. Sneha Sohan juwarker at | | Reply

    I liked the no 21 grey clutch for its elegance

  83. Shruti K at | | Reply

    Liked Pinky Saraf’s page on Facebook and following her on twitter as well.

    Apart from the gorgeous Red Clutch shown above, I am in love with the purple clutch with a beautiful Fuschia pink embellishment on it( 2nd from the 2nd row horizontally ) because it’ll make even the simplest of outfits looks royal with its beautiful artistry and one of the highlights of this clutch which is why I am lusting for this is.. it’s studded peacock as peacock is the symbol of beauty and royalness likewise this clutch to me means the same.
    I can imagine myself looking like a princess carrying this masterpiece :)

  84. Uzma at | | Reply

    I like the clutch in the 12th Picture, because it will look great with both Indian & western wear. It has all the bright colors embedded that are mostly seen in Indian wear & this can be used on any contrasting Western wear which will make it look elegant.The black background color in the clutch makes it suitable for both Indian & Western outfits.

  85. shubhanjali at | | Reply

    i totally love the clutch which has the string and has a cream background with different coloured patches..its funky and uber cool…will look good with a nice pair of jeans and atop or with a cool dress….just love it..*drool*

  86. PDESAI at | | Reply

    I loved the purple colored clutch with the feathers and hanging beads. It has a very regal feel to it and it can add that ‘pop’ to any look.

  87. Chetna at | | Reply

    I liked the one in URL the most….Its absolutely FAB!!!
    The kundan work , design n color are outstanding.
    It will go best with all the ethnic wear’s….sarees and match the gold jewellery perfectly.
    Simple, Elegant and Gorgeous!!!

  88. crack at | | Reply

    liked fb page…
    Following on twitter…
    I really liked the one which has yellow stones on it. its a box clutch. Its quite unusual and diffenent form the rest of collection…

  89. Sue at | | Reply

    I like clutch 8 as listed in the FB album. It’s classic and classy and would go as well with my formal silk sarees as with my Western casuals. Since I’m choosy about my bags, for me that says a lot!

  90. Mugdha Dokhale at | | Reply

    Oh, such a charming collection!
    The most srtriking piece I found amongst a bevy of beauty is the silver one in picture number 8. The finish is gorgeous.

  91. Archana Ganesan at | | Reply

    I would pick the clutch below. I love that it looks unique, modern and fun. I also think its one of those rare clutches that can be combined with business casual as well as party wear.

  92. preethi at | | Reply

    I loved the one in the pic also liked a black one which looks rectangle and had black and white stones…
    Lovely collection…
    Liked FB and followed on Twitter…

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