1. I am completely, absolutely besotted by this collection. I saw one picture on Instagram, loved it, then saw a lot more here. More power to Paromita Banerjee!

    • Thank you all !
      I absolutely look forward to finding our what High-Heel has to say about us and im glad you all liked what you saw! Finding the right audience within our “handloom”/”handmade” story has been a challenge but a very fulfilling one !

      • By any chance, the footwear your models are wearing, from Himachal Pradesh? These are something we wear in our homes. And I use them all throughout the winters. Super comfortable and warm. Its so good to see something very local on a big platform.

        • ‘Yup ! The very same !They are the “pula” grass chappals from Kangra. They felt very apt for the collection and we are planning to make them with Merino Wool as part of our retail line.

  2. Gorgeous clothes, Paromita! The fabrics are beautiful, and you’ve used them so well. Now to find out who stocks your clothes!


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