Midriff Mania


What do Monica and Leona have in common? Their love for the midriff of course! Hopefully it’s just a phase for Monica like it was for Leona… We’ll just have to wait and see, won’t we? ;)

Monica Dogre
Left: At The Chivas Kwan Bash
Right: At The Gucci Artisan Corner Event

Leona Lewis

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani, Zimbio


  1. Aww, Monica looks lovely! Bare mid riffs might be an instant faux pas for most of us, but she manages to carry it off without looking vulgar or tacky! And her style aesthetic blends in with the whole musician/free spirit vibe!

  2. I think they both carry it off beautifully.
    I have never liked the midriff exposure either but monica has given quite a few interesting looks in the past which I have loved. So heres hoping her midriff mania DOES NOT pass soon


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