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  1. Shivani Raina at | | Reply

    Dont like printed suit at all on him!!!!!!!

  2. recheal at | | Reply

    suits are all about fitts n all his suits are so badly fit . we agree he takes risc but also just for heck of it . his stylist should be more careful about class and not about making him look like a joker at times.

  3. anne at | | Reply

    only black for me. the printed suit with the round glasses. wonder what was he going for ?

  4. Kasturi at | | Reply

    Of course the Look no 1 is a winner all the way. Buy have to hand it to him for changing it up. Super suave and stylish as always

  5. $ at | | Reply

    Dear Ranveer,
    i know you like changing things up but seriously…second look is a bit too much…atleast your shoes dont need a moustache after round glasses+print shirt+print suit.playing a bit is ok but playing all in one…nay !!

  6. adina at | | Reply

    i admire this man for his originality but i’m thinking he went a little too far with the 2nd n the 3rd :D

  7. Candace at | | Reply

    The first one is perfection. I think Ranveer is incredibly handsome but he’s been doing some WEIRD things stylistically. Even so, I think it’s cool that he’s having fun with it.

  8. Candace at | | Reply

    Oh and the third would have been fine if the tailoring had been right. Way too baggy.

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