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    agenda on the to do weekend list – run to michaels

  2. Chimera at | | Reply

    lovely …some of the options i’ve used during all these years of assorted junk jewellery –

    1. a jewellery hangar which i picked at Claire’s(during one of my visits to US) – they do have some options but they generally are small in size

    2. Build one with thermacol and covered it with felt paper

    3. the studier option of the lot is built a cute wooden stand and used the paper holders as holders for the earrings – immensely colorful n lot of fun

  3. road_to_perdition at | | Reply

    I did the same thing…i was sooo tired of having to spend 15mins each morning disentangling all the junk i had. So, i tuk a large piece of white thermacol, and just punched all my earrings into it…

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