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  1. mahalgolden at | | Reply

    I must have this dress because when pretty things (me ;) ) meet preety things (this dress :P ) world becomes whole lot prettier :D

  2. Shrinidhi at | | Reply

    2 reasons – lace and black!

  3. Lavanya at | | Reply

    I think I deserve to have this in my wardrobe because I really love this outfit! I think It is ravishing! Also, I think I will do justice to this attire as I have similar silhouette like the model here. Now Surily’s dress needs to be worn well, isn’t it? ;-p I LOVE IT!

  4. genie at | | Reply

    There is a get together with my girl gang planned after a very long time since my child’s birth, and I wanna look smashing :)

  5. Mansi Mehta at | | Reply

    That Surily dress is perfect for a nite out with my husband! Can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  6. Praachi Raniwala at | | Reply

    Floral and lace with an edgy spin — this dress is everything I love, rolled into one!

  7. suvi at | | Reply

    this dress is definitely a must have in my closet!
    it will really flatter my body type and the colour, BLACK! all time favourite of every girl ^_^
    love the pattern on it!

  8. suvi at | | Reply

    this dress is a must have in my closet! it would really flatter my body type and curves! and its colour, BLACK, is every girls all time favourite!
    plus, i love its pattern! just so perfect..

  9. Cheetah_chetali at | | Reply

    The sensual dress for the uber sensual, confident woman… I need it :)

  10. Kakul Gautam at | | Reply

    Other than the fact that this gorgeous dress is available in a medium (everything is always a sample size and I’m not!) I must have this dress for the new, fabulous makeover I’ve planned for myself all over 2014 .

  11. Dee at | | Reply

    This dress is so fabulous. Life is too short to wear boring clothes and once I have it, I can flaunt it.

  12. Raashi Kothari at | | Reply

    I love Gothic apparel. This dress is a complete stunner because of the lace and creative embellishment. Would love to wear it on a special occasion.
    Also, all the celebrities who have worn Surily Goel looked absolutely stunning so wearing this would make me feel like a celebrity..!

  13. Meenakshi kumar at | | Reply

    I should have this dress for my daughter so that she wears it on her wedding cocktail. This dress will suit her body type and maker her look a million bucks.

  14. kruti rawal at | | Reply

    cos its the perfect dress to bring out the femininity in me with the lace in summer at the same time its edgy and sexy.. a perfect dress for summer which is hot at the same time not from the typical flowy flower theme

  15. suchi dalmia at | | Reply


    The reason that I must absolutely own that dress is that it just stands out in every way possible. It shows empowerment and from where I come, the men run the industry (textile manufacturing). So I would feel every bit empowered and stand out in a crowd wearing that. Also, it has a romantic flair to it and that has been missing in my married life for some time now. We have been married two years and the fizz seems out. Once I put on this dress, I can imagine my husband go gaga over me :) :x Sometimes, all a girl needs and wants is to be loved and empowered. And this dress to me means all of that and more.

    Thanks and hope I win :)


  16. Chetna Kathuria Bhatnagar at | | Reply

    I should, oh well I absolutely MUST HAVE this dress because I am turning naughty 3 on 24th April. Yes u got that right – 43 in a month’S TIME. And isn’t this just THE RIGHT DRESS for the occasion. So what if there is a lil grey in the hair.. I am sure I can rock this dress anyway.

  17. Sneha Khan at | | Reply

    Being a size Medium I deserve having this dress :D it’s so pretty! Thanks PP

  18. Sanya at | | Reply

    First of all, I perfectly fit in medium size. ;)
    Moreover, I guess I will definitely compliment this dress + black is my favourite colour. So I absolutely love this dress and would love to have it in my closet. Thanks!
    Liking- DONE!

  19. shilpa kataria at | | Reply

    I must have this dress, simply just because its gorgeous.

  20. Pooja at | | Reply

    I must, I must, I must have this dress! We are going to Goa in the summer, and I can imagine nothing more than amazing than wearing this dress when dancing by the fire on the beach at night!
    Done :)

  21. EPIPHANY at | | Reply

    Surily Goel’s design showcase the new age,modern woman and on this day i.e. WOMAN’S DAY…it surely would be a pleasure to take home this dress and show it to the world that even this sweet looking woman can kick you’re ass.

  22. divya kakkar at | | Reply

    Love love love the dress funky and dressy perfect for party time on the beach with pina coladas

  23. Leela Narayanan at | | Reply

    I have delivered a baby boy 7 months back and after a string of maternity clothes and post pregnancy wear I am ready to get in to the HOT Mom look and this is just a dress to do that. I absolutely must have this dress.

  24. Priyanka Dogra at | | Reply

    done !!
    love love love the dress . its classy , uber sexy and perfect for many many occasions . Its like 1 dress fits all ;)

  25. Bela Trivedi at | | Reply

    1. I don’t like the dress. So I can’t give my comments.
    2. Liked Surily Goel on FB.

  26. Flier at | | Reply

    I must have it cause its sexy done right. Just enough skin show!

  27. Chica at | | Reply

    I totally deserve this dress coz im getting married soon and this will be purrfect for my cocktail night !! And I am a absolute fan of your website so that should get me extra credit ! Fingers crossed !

  28. Gunjan Gupta at | | Reply

    This Surily Goel dress is black and then a lace-an absolute must have for me.With it’s mid-thigh length it can be worn with slacks,shorts or on its own which makes it a multipurpose garment.I love its billowy sleeves and laid back silhouette while still retaining a formal element.

  29. khushboo at | | Reply

    Lace + black color + cape style top..this makes it absolutely must dress for me..!! Plus I have the legs to rock this dress ;)
    Liked on Facebook!!

  30. Elixir Nahar at | | Reply

    I must absolutely have this dress because if punk princess and boho chic had a baby, it would be me. And this dress is a perfect embodiment of my sartorial sense of style! I can already picture how to accessorize and work this dress, even down to the footwear. So look no further, send it over :)

  31. va at | | Reply

    fb ana amanti

    i must have this dress because it is modest and sexy -cute at the same time . You can dress it up or dress it down and will go with some sandals and or heels . lovely addition to anyone who wins this , thanks .

  32. June at | | Reply

    Every girl needs a little black dress in her wardrobe and this one is the perfect combination of glamorous and boho. I’m a fashion blogger and this dress totally fits my style so I absolutely must have it!!

  33. Debasmita Mondal at | | Reply

    I must have this dress because it is love at first sight.

  34. Renu at | | Reply

    The outfit is a hot clubbing outfit, suited for a night out in town or a cocktail gathering. It has the right amount of embellishments . Plus I’m a size M :D

  35. OrangeMartini at | | Reply

    The dress is so boho-chic just like me. It will absolutely own it. This will be perfect for the next date night :)

  36. Pooja Agarwal at | | Reply

    Its a must have for my wardrobe as its Prettiest dress and in my favourite colour, Would absolutely love to add to my wardrobe!

  37. devina at | | Reply

    as soon as i c this dress I’m reminded of the song what a wonderful world. it wud fit perfectly on me and its solo damn sexy in a a subtle way.

  38. Sana at | | Reply

    It’s so boho and SO me! Even the size is perfect! You can’t need more proof than that, that this dress was made for me! Please, pretty please!

  39. Seema at | | Reply

    Liked on FB
    Absolutely to go out on a hot date with hubby

  40. ravita at | | Reply

    Words cannot describe my adulation for this dress. I’m stoked by it’s elegance, cheeky appeal and vibrancy and THAT exactly is my personality. I love how the clothes are so flirty, mood elevating, à la mode and wearable. The fact says a lot. It really isn’t hard to fall in love at first sight with this dress that is an extension of your being!

    Liked the fb page

  41. Rima at | | Reply

    If i must have this, it’ll hide my problem areas and black looks great anyway!

  42. Swati Sapna at | | Reply

    1. I love lace, I heart Surily Goel’s designs, and black is definitely my colour! And I am a size Medium :) So if that isnt serendipity, I dont know what is! Plus, its perfect for my cousins bachelors party thats coming up soon… Also, this must be my 20th contest entry on High Heel without any luck :( What does a girl have to do to win here?!!
    2. Liked Surily’s FB page

  43. Priya Samnotra at | | Reply

    i have been looking for an absolute chic dress for months now.Need to wear it for a very special occasion and Person :) that’s why i must must have this dress for sure . liked on fb :)

  44. Kavya Seetala at | | Reply

    1.I absolutely must have this dress because it is black, bling, has a beautiful floral design and stylish sleeves.

  45. umarana at | | Reply

    ughs…why? this is you selling out??!

  46. umarana at | | Reply

    there’s like a tag from the curtain hanging off what used to grandma’s table cloth that decided to go goth and slammed on some stripper rhinestones…laydeeeeez you have lost the plot or sold out so hard it’s not cool

  47. Raashi Kothari at | | Reply

    When are the results?

    I really want to win this outfit! :)

  48. Juhi Dutta at | | Reply

    1) I like Lace and i like black , and this is a beautiful combination of the two.

    2) ” Medium ” size fits me perfectly ;)

    3) Black color looks good on me .

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