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  1. Annie at | | Reply

    The other two are shweta saklani wife of apoorva agnihotri(will help only if u know him ) other girl in red is sanjeeda, another Soap actress who won nach baliye from rakhi sawant…hope it helps…
    actually their make up is so OTT that it took some time for me also to recognise them.

  2. jasmita at | | Reply


    the one who is sitting is shilpa shukla(plays ganga in one of the soaps, and is pardes actor apoorva agnihotri’s wife. if that rings a bell!

    and 3rd one is sanjeeda sheikh, who is married to actor aamir ali. they won nach baliye reality show together last year.

  3. Rachita at | | Reply

    thats not shilpa shukla. Thats shilpa saklani agnihotri(who plays ganga in kyunki saas).

    P.S. Shilpa shukla is the girl who played the baddie(bindiya naik) in Chakde! India.

  4. Belle at | | Reply

    Yeh, Rachita is right. The one in the middle is Shilpa Saklani Agnihotri.
    The one on the right is Sanjeeda Sheikh…. (she isn’t married to Aamire Ali yet is she?)

    I’m actually glad that TV actresses have made it on the front cover…only coz TV is the forgotten medium, and finally it’s getting some coverage

  5. shona at | | Reply

    i hate the shows these girls appear in.

  6. red at | | Reply

    they look so horrible , especially the girl on the top right..not expected.

  7. Preeti at | | Reply


    I would prefer soap stars over the over-used models anyday. It’s refeshing!

  8. mia at | | Reply

    perhaps vogue is dumbing down to appeal to a wider range of consumer. i saw an interview with priya tanna on tv that was very unimpressive. not sure if she’s too bright. i don’t think the cover captures the spirit of india at all.

  9. annapurna at | | Reply

    Oh God !!! …This is BLASPHEMY !!
    Shweta Salve is FINE…….. BUT the Likes of Shilpa saklani and Sanjeeda !!!! … and calling them ‘influencers of style ‘ !!!!

    This is not what I expect from Vogue .

    If they wanted ONLY Soap queens , Prachi Desai , Gauri Pradhan and Shweta Salve would have been better options … ( only my opinion :)

  10. Natasha at | | Reply

    I like the layered look of the top of Shweta’s orange dress. Who’s the outfit by?

    Don’t particularly like the acidic orange colour, the metal waist cincher, or the length (lack thereof!).

    Her dress would’ve looked much better in a deep burgundy, lush magenta, or lemony yellow colour in a flowing , fitted, and full length gown style. Maybe with an ethnic silk waist cincher (in bold print) or a bronze/copper coloured metallic waist cincher.

  11. Surbhi at | | Reply

    really what a waste…
    shweta salve is trying too hard
    sanjeeda looks like alice in wonderland
    shilpa looks alrite due to the hair, but the dress? i am not too sure

  12. anita mehta at | | Reply

    The one in the orange is shveta salve and trust me i dont know the others…but how can anyone say that the she is not worth putting on the cover…she is the most hottest and talented actors on tv today..who btw is making her movie debut in Dharmesh darshan;s Bhanvara…she can give any model or bollywood actor a run for thier money !! Way to go Vogue India…hats off
    Pls get her a solo cover soon..

  13. ekta at | | Reply

    VOGUE INDIa is just getting from bad to worse

  14. naina at | | Reply


  15. PeachBellini at | | Reply

    guys, i think the commentary you’ve posted on this cover is very unfair and sounds extremely snobbish. granted it’s your opinion and i can’t change it. but i have to say that by putting these tv stars on the cover, vogue india has shown that it actually caters to indians, not hi-fi page 3 socialites or top models alone. i’m sorry, but vogue india is read by many among the general public in addition to society’s uppercrust. i think it’s very unfair to say that tv stars are not elite-enough material for the cover of vogue. let’s give them a break. yes, nina manuel and candice pinto do indeed deserve a cover of their own, but that does not mean that others who are an equally significant part of showbiz do not.

    finally, i do realize that this blog is simply an expression of your opinions, and often i agree with it. i just wanted to put across that the tone of this particular commentary came across as sounding extremely elitist, to the point that some people might even be offended. hope my views are taken in good spirit. thanks.

  16. kismet at | | Reply

    personally i think its nice to see them on the cover, specially as its about the particular article, soap stars are huge in india and globally with indians now. People copy their style more than even actress.
    the lady in orange and shilpa in pink look very natural, but sanjeeda looks uncomfortable, but i really like her, she’s very pretty in a cute way.

  17. dn at | | Reply

    I don’t mind that they featured soap stars, but the cover is as blah as the soaps themselves.

  18. B at | | Reply

    From left to right:
    Sweta Salve (orange, standing, show – Left Right Left)
    Shilpa Saklani Agnihotri (pinkish color, sitting, show-Kyuki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi)
    Sanjida Sheikh (red, standing, show – Kayamath, Nach Baliye)

    Unfortunately I know this since my mom watches ALL the soaps =)

  19. lolita at | | Reply

    The girl in red at the top spoils the entire cover for me….her pose, her dress is silly. The other two look classy and chic.

  20. Karma at | | Reply

    Not a huge fan of the styling…seems dated. Especially the long gown and extreme hair extentions.
    The girl in the orange is wearing a copy of the Dolce & Gabanna Metal Corset belt.

  21. Karma at | | Reply

    Also the girl in the orange’s knees looks badly photoshopped. The idea for this cover is good, however execution sucks overall.

  22. vidya at | | Reply

    Please take a look at shilpa saklani’s right hand,it looks as if she was asked to make it look elegant and lady-like ,and she managed to make it look studied and not so “poised”

  23. Indian Girl at | | Reply

    The lady in red dress looks weird standing like that….she looks pretty uncomfy in that pose. I though the other 2 fit well…

  24. Anonymous at | | Reply

    YUCK!!! Is all that comes to my mind.
    After all that Vogue has stood for…all these years…
    You would think they would be just the same in India…
    I think the whole Soap Queen focus is completely out of whack with Vogue….fashion…the real Indian woman…
    And even if you forget that for a minute and try and look at the girls…besides Shilpa Saklani…the others look so badly styled and placed…
    I wouldnt be surprised if this was some other Savvy…or Gr8 type of magazine…and in that case this cover would do just fine (it goes with the kind content ..target audience..etc) …
    But Vogue??

  25. sk at | | Reply

    the ladies all look lovely and i especially like the combination of gold and orange on the girl on the left. but i have to agree with “Anonymous” above. this cover is a huge insult to indian women. no other vogue would use soap stars on their cover and to have them sit on a bunch of old tvs is not glamourous or stylish. in fact it’s extremely insulting. they look like they have gone to a rubbish dump. i think they’re all good actresses and it’s fun to watch soaps once in a while but this is not what vogue is supposed to be about.

  26. pdaervo at | | Reply

    I don’t watch Soap Operas either (I’d rather kill mylself)
    India Vouge has not, up to this point, lived up to the name VOUGE
    …I mean COME ON! the VOUGE in the US is run by Anna Wintour, the dragon lady herself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    there is no artistry in these covers(other than photoshopping)

  27. r/hr=ght at | | Reply

    LOL….whts wrong with putting soap ppl if they are more stylish or pretty….bolly actresses are overrated…anyway im not saying the ones featured on the cover are hot….i agree with annapurna….they could have chosen Gauri Pradhan…she is one HOT chick…just love her…she’s prettier than aishwaya

  28. sk at | | Reply

    if they had chosen gauri, it wouldn’t have been so odd. gauri is gorgeous and i’m really horrified that she was treated so badly by the evil judges on kabi pyaar kabi yaar. after i watched that episode i was so put off by commercial indian media in general.

  29. r/hr=ght at | | Reply

    yes tht show…it was just too much…the judge is movie director and gauri works in soaps so he thought he is allowed to mistreat her…but seriously he doesnt know that gauri has more fan floowing than him and that is just gonna put him in a bad light LOL=) anyway since gauri is out I dont watch that show anymore…its boring without that gorgeous beauty…VOGUE could have selected her…she would look good in a garbage bag..

  30. pinkster at | | Reply

    US Vogue would never put actresses from Days of our Lives or General Hospital on the cover…tsk tsk Indian Vogue…

  31. Sim at | | Reply

    I agree that US Vouge would not put someone from soaps on the cover of the MAG but how many people in US can identify most soap stars however in India majority of people watch soaps and everyone can identify these stars. Believe it or not they are more popular than movie stars. Most people do find them good looking and want to dress like them, they do start trends and all. Its only unfortunate that these girls do not have the designers like movie actress however they still do pretty well when attending events (much better than most of the moive stars)

  32. Violet at | | Reply

    I like the concept, the idea of giving them space and recognition here. But I wished it looked more professional…esp. the girl, sanjeeda…she does not look natural at all..she looks very amateurish. She should have portayed some confidence in her pose and done justice to that pretty red dress.

    haha and vidya u r right, great observation, the right hand of the middle lady does look so stiff & unnatural!! it’s funny. the only one i like is the lady on the left. she looks natural, stylish, and carries off that short dress well.

  33. mia at | | Reply

    shweta looks good here. her waist must be teensy to carry off that belt. i’m so jealous.

  34. Ricebunny at | | Reply

    What a dissapointmnt AGAINN!!

    Whts up with VOGUE INDIA! Have all the gorg Indian Model died tht they have to dedicate the cover page to some TV Box peopz. Ive totattly lost hope on Vogue India!!! Its a FASHION mag crying out loud!!!..Doo something related to FASHIONN! Not bolly/telly stuff!!..Ugh!

  35. Apurva at | | Reply

    i dont think its about the people on the cover..i think its about how they are made to look..NEVER nand i insist NEVER EVER..have i seen a VOGUE cover of any country shot like that. the cover looks very INDIA TODAY types..the stylin is so mediocre and the heap of TVs looks like they are jus trying too hard..i remember the first vogue india cover with gemma ward, bipasha n priyanka..they could have done something a little classy..n its not like the girls aint pretty..they are all good looking!!

  36. mia at | | Reply

    i’d love to see carol gracias on the cover even though she’s appeared on a rubbish tv show. and what about ujjwala raut. if she’s good enough for tom ford and yves saint laurent, she should be perfect for vogue india.

  37. Apurva at | | Reply

    and i have to add.. THEY ABSOLUTELY DONT INFLUENCE FASHION..n even if they do i dont think they influence the kind of fashion vogue should b talking about ,which is very unpleasant..this cover has been ripped apart..i kind of feel bad for them!!

  38. nik at | | Reply

    hahaha this is hilarious….the cover looks so MEH.. and “influencers of style”??? what a joke

    none of these so called TV stars are stunning OR have a decent style, they wear gaudy make up and really weird ugly clothes…i am sorry if they’re influencing desi junta to look like that then they should be locked up for crimes in fashion

    indian vogue is just turning out to be like any other random magazines

  39. Ricebunny at | | Reply

    Someone up there was saying how some of the comment here are unfair. FAIR POINT!!
    But this is VOGUEEE dahling!!! VOGUE!! Its all about the creme de la mer of things. WE expect MORE, like someone stated VOGUE US is run by the legend ‘ANNA WINTOUR’ !! And we should be giving them competition. If we wanted to see TELLY stars plastered on the front pages of the magazines. We would be buying something else not VOGUE!!..And God!! Telly Stars arnt no Fashionista’s!..

    1. arati at | | Reply

      ummm “dahling”? it’s creme de la creme (literally cream of the cream) and not “creme de la mer” which translates into cream of the sea…since we wouldn’t want the hoi polloi to snigger at you beautiful people, would we?

  40. manisha at | | Reply

    wowwww i think sanjeeda looks SO great in red! shweta salve and shilpa agnihotri looks awesome too but i think sanjeeda def takes the cake here!

  41. mrs ronald weasley at | | Reply

    “And God!! Telly Stars arnt no Fashionista’s!..”
    Ah…what a generalized statement..it all depends on who you’re talking about..Gauri Pradhan is a tv actress and has the best style ever..!
    Anyway, I agree that they are not styled properly as it should be for a Vogue cover, but I dont agree with this birdbrained logic that since they are telly stars ALL of them wear caked make-up and dress gaudy…anyone who thinks that certainly dont watch how most of them dress up in real life…they dress up real good actually…better than all these so called MOVIE stars…

  42. boopdiboop at | | Reply

    I am not that appalled by the fact that they are soap stars, even they are actors and somewhat recognized. But the fact that baffles me is that none of these girls have actual fashion sense, okay maybe Shweta Salve has her good days. I have seen Nach Baliye a bit, and Sanjeeda is such a gorgeous girl with no fashion sense at all. So, I find it pointless for people to argue that they should be put on Vogue India.
    P&P..if you guys can get the editorial pics…do post them maybe these actresses can still prove us wrong.

  43. U at | | Reply

    Scary thing is people actually do emulate their styles. Any nice desi shop will have jewelery and saris with their character names. It isn’t high end fashion but lots of ladies go out specifically to find stuff they’ve worn. Considering most of it is not expensive, is accessible and wearable it’s understandable why this happens. I actually think it’s good that high end magazines should show some interest in this fashion because it’ll be nice for the masses to have more sensible and streamlined fashion ethics molded in.

    Terrible cover though.. there are more instantly recognizable people that should’ve been on and very very unoriginal.. yawn worthy..

  44. Flower Power at | | Reply

    there’s something to be said for the way telly stars influence common fashion… but the credit for that surely goes to their soap stylists? also, if they’re being credited as fashion “influencers”, they should have been on the cover in their blingy sarees and fake shoulder-dusters. not in louboutins! there’s soemthing wrong in the basic conception of the cover

  45. Adit at | | Reply

    the cover reminds me of a Soap opera digest available in the US cover back in the early 90’s where all the soap opera stars were primped and overmade up….concept is good, styling way off…and the idea of coeering the soap opera stars in India….albeit a forgotton medium…but made a certain Kapoor a billionaire…cannot be forgotten…they are what the rest of India watches…just because I dont does not make them any less admired, the cover of Vogue sadly only seems to features Indian actresses not models as they do abroad WHY? we are fixated with film stars in India…what about Sania Mirza our most beautiful athlete on the cover…after all we are coming up to the Olympics….

  46. FARAH at | | Reply

    i LOVE vogue india. i ABSOLUTELY HATE these chicklets on the cover.
    for these starlet types this must be a chance of a lifetime!!
    sorry to offend anyone but seriously HORRIBLE

  47. deewani at | | Reply

    i just lost respect for u guys who r being “classist”. jus because these r soap stars u guys throw these comments..how rude!

  48. melange at | | Reply

    umm..digressing from the discusion here..but mrs.ronald weasely?? U took away my name!! U’ve got competition der lady…to be hermione! LOL!!!

  49. Soniya at | | Reply

    Looks like a lot of the “general public” has the 100 rupees to shell out every month to read the trash they print.

  50. shona at | | Reply



  51. Nick at | | Reply

    I don’t mind even if these girls really are the new influencers of style. BUT if they really are the “new influencers of style” then i really feel sorry for the people who are following their style. The clothes they wear in these soaps are beyond-description hideous. In this case the girl i like best is the one sitting in the middle with the full length gown on her. She is looking good and very much like someone who would make a great magazine cover. The girl in orange looks very tiny to me but.. i am not even talking about that! No one would wear that orange dress (and please go home and change if you are wearing something like that already). The girl in red – DID they Have to… Perch her on top like that?? She does look like Alice (as someone already said).. or she looks like a school girl. Her body looks a bit petite and it maybe because of the place where she is standing.

  52. Surbhi at | | Reply


    Is vogue targetted at those people in the small towns?? Seems like a clash of opinions..

  53. Anjali at | | Reply

    I’m not against the idea of featuring TV stars on the cover PROVIDED they dress well onscreen AND offscreen. Certainly, no one would dream of calling them style icons on the basis of the clothes they wear in their soaps. I feel sad for the people who follow such “fashion”.

    Of the 3, only Shveta is a halfway-decent dresser. Sanjeeda is mediocre and as for Shilpa, how many people have seen her wearing wedding choodas with Western outfits? Ewww……I have seen some pics of her that would make the people who put her on the cover, flush themselves down the loo. She manages to look good here because of the styling, but see her in real life and you will barf!

  54. mrs R.Weasley at | | Reply

    LOL…..No…plzzz…Weasley is our *correction* ONLY MY King..!! LOL=)

  55. maya at | | Reply

    i see nothing wrong with putting up tv stars on the cover. in fact, i sense some false pride and snootiness in a lot of the comments here.

    my point is – could they not have chosen the classy actresses – anita hassandani, amana sharif? these three are not the stylish torch bearers by far.

  56. fatima at | | Reply

    I thinks amazing. I would see Sanjeeda and Shilpa on cover anyday over nina manuel and all thoise models. The tv actresses are beautiful. It’s time they get a share of their glamour too!

  57. jen at | | Reply

    i ditto maya!

  58. anonymous at | | Reply

    Hey All You Fashionistas….Its One Thing To Admire And One Thing To Downright Criticise….

    These Women Are Something And Somebody too Be On The Cover Of VOGUE !!!

    Lets appreciate and be wise…its an acheivment and if u women have a problem of sour grapes thats too bad…

    I personally love SHVETA SALVE and her style sense…she is one actor who is stylish not only on screen but also in real life.Her picture at social events are gorgeous and the STYLISH LASS makes her debut in a DHARMESH DARSHAN movie BHAWARA soon….Lets give them a hand and not pull them down…VOGUE comendable for the effort and Way to Go SHVETA SALVE>

  59. Prayag at | | Reply

    Shilpa Saklani’s hair extensions are just MONSTROUS.

    The one on the extreme right looks like a child lost in some lipstick jungle.

    And Shweta Salve – WHY THAT DRESS? *sigh*.

  60. jags at | | Reply

    Blame it on the Stylist and priya tanna..Vogue India should shut down

  61. Nitika at | | Reply

    Sanjeeeda looking beautiful out of 3

  62. Sapna at | | Reply

    Id like Madhu Sapre on the cover.

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