1. Shes a very pretty girl not too sure what I think of the saree, it almost looks like a gown what with the pallu being stitched up and the same colour blouse. Nevertheless its a lovely colour and shes glowing in it.

  2. I don’t like these weird sarees. She looks so much better in Kanjivarams, although can’t expect her to wear one for an award function. Bad make-up.

  3. Its good to see her wear the saree correctly without half boob show et al.

    Its also refreshing to see her keep it simple and not swing from the chandeliers as many actresses do :P

  4. He needs to fire his hair stylist. Like now! If I were him I’d get my lawyer to sue my stylist for doing that to my hair. It’s bloody awful!

  5. Love the colour of the saree!

    As for the hair,plagiarizing what someone wrote in another site
    “I think the whole family uses the same conditioner”


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