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    Its an unfair comparison..the first ad is a proper photoshoot with lighting,make up and backdrop in her favor, the sec one just seems like a photo-op at a press con or just a preview showing…

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    A disheveled model doesn’t belong in a preview, after all, you are trying to attract buyers and garner attention..

    A designer should keep these things in mind and not just send a model out in just the outfit..

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    Both look pretty terrible. And the outfit is not doing them any favors. Did Amrita (who is she?) really pick this dress without someone forcing her to? Does she want to look like shes 15 again?


  4. Payal at | | Reply

    Amrit Maghera is the new face of Lakme..

  5. moonstruck maniac at | | Reply

    My problem is with Vipasha’s photograph. I hate the lights, somehow. And the background should have been worked on.

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    Vipasha is a model, absolutely skinny and tall and probably does the dress more credit than the other girl who does not look bad, but in a forgettable way….and who wants to be forgotton.

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    what’s with the bouquet of flowers sprouting out of her bosom? was that meant to be part of the dress or was that just something used to make the ad look more i dunno gardeny?

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    vipasha for sure!

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    I only like the belt because it reminds me of Azzedine Alaia. What happened to the background of the photoshoot? What happened to the lower part of the dress? Asymmetrical garments are interesting if done well, but doesn’t work for this one, and the wired butterflies should have been avoided for outings.

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    the flowers are to add a touch of whimsy to the outfit. You will agree that Wendell is not your average kurta pajama designer, and part of his charm is that his clothes are for the woman who is confident in her sexuality.

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    Def VIPASHA! Shes one of my Fav models right now! Would love it if you did some more posts on her!

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