In Raakesh Agarvwal


Model Vipasha Agarwal attended the Loreal Paris brunch at Olive in a white strapless Raakesh Agarvwal dress which she paired with black pumps. We love this dress but hate that Vipasha looks so dead tired. A little makeup this time would have gone a long way!

P.S. You can catch more pics from the event here.


Left: Raakesh Agarvwal, Spring 2009
Right: Vipasha Agarwal at Loreal Paris Brunch at Olive

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. This dress is looks better on the model because she’s taller. The curvy part needs to hit the hips, Vipasha’s hits way below. And the fact that the shoes are ugly and she looks so tired (poor girl), makes this outfit BLAH.

  2. I agree with KK the dress is just not hitting her at the right places plus that unibrow (or is that just a shadow?!?). Yup a little makeup would have gone a long way!

  3. The length is all wrong on her. the the ugly shoes…strappy stilletos would have been much better..
    ohhh…that tired, black undereye look…. not digging it at all…

  4. Like! Agree with KK. It’s got to do with the height. Even for a skinny Vipasha, the dress gives a bulge–tummy.

  5. Oh dear! Such dresses highlight the slightest of tummy bulges. And yeah she does look really tired. Cant believe she’s the same stunner from the Garnier Fructis Ad.

  6. nice dress worn badly ..I like it on model …white party dress should not be paired with black sandals …unless they are really awesome …..its easy to play with cotton / casual white dresses with colourful accesories and shoes ( green / pink/ yellow) but when it comes to this kinda dress , it leaves me perplxed ..can u guys give your opinion … coz i will end up doing all white essemble.

  7. Isn’t it too tight on her stomach? I mean you can see her navel or belly button or whatever it’s called through the dress!!! Cute dress though! And she still looks nice even though it’s tight and sort of fits in the wrong places.

  8. too petite to carry off outfit…why, oh why wear such clothes when they do not suit a particular individual? So many choices abound. Not everyone can carry off such outfits. You need never ending legs for this.

  9. I think a few foundation garments (nude spanx type stuff)underneath the dress would have helped it fit way nicer on her..

  10. This girl’s a model? She sure looks short, way too short to be wearing a dress like that, it looks WAY better on the model. Ewww at her shoes, it looks like her toes are trying to escape!

    And no makeup? Tsk Tsk…some people can carry off the ‘natural’ look well, not her!

  11. Wow…yeah what’s going on with her brows. She looks really tired and kinda malnourished, quite frankly. :| Hope she’s alright…
    Nice dress though.

  12. She looks almost normal… given the right clothes, shoes and MAKEUP any of us can look modelesque… in some ways I’m glad she felt comfy enough to walk out that way… gives quite a bit of hope for the rest of us…

  13. She needs makeup… i don’t believe she’s the one who features in the Lakme / Sabya bridal makeup bridal collection ads .. can’t post an outside link here, but I was in a shock when i discovered that!!

  14. She looks so washed out!! Not at all a very model-y look. The dress isn’t as flattering on her, as it is on the model in the first pic.


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