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  1. charan at | | Reply

    Celina is ok… Sameer’s eye makeup could have been well defined. She looks sleepy in the first photo.

  2. desde at | | Reply

    Hey both the pictures say – Celina Jaitley!!

  3. debs at | | Reply

    why are these two women still famous?!?!?!

  4. today at | | Reply

    i only like the colors of celinas outfit…otherwise both outfits just blah…

    and sameera reddy looks just like asin!

  5. malini at | | Reply

    oh both look horrible.. the outfits that is.. not the models:)

  6. mj at | | Reply

    blah and blah! celina looks over done, as always and sameera is badly styled starting with her hair. aren’t designers better off getting professional models than flop actresses? their clientele really couldn’t care less about clothes being modeled by these girls- i think it brings down the cache of the designers, actually…

  7. manisha at | | Reply

    i dont like either outfit but i LOVE sameera’s neckpiece!

  8. me at | | Reply

    both look blah er than blah

  9. sdn at | | Reply

    Over blingy! And what heavy make up. Both look like shemales.

  10. pdaervo at | | Reply


  11. reesha at | | Reply

    love the color combination of celina’s outfit. very enchanting :-)

  12. Ritu at | | Reply

    I love the dress on Celina and she carries it off well. Sameera’s is too blah.

    There’s one of Katrina too on the same show. But it wasn’t anything special, Celina’s is definitely better.

  13. pritha at | | Reply


  14. tara at | | Reply

    both outfits are ott but i absolutely love the colour combination of celina’s one. sameera looks bloated and podgy as usual. her only saving grace is her height.

  15. mia at | | Reply

    i don’t like the way sameera’s petticoat is peeking out at the bottom. it spoils the whole look. celina looks much better.

  16. melange at | | Reply

    Sameera Reddy gets my vote. I like her outfit better.
    Nothing seems to be goin right with Celina on the other hand, the OTT outfit, badly styled hair and her usual super-scary eyes…

  17. gauri at | | Reply

    The blue and purple lengha is so pretty!

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