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  1. jen at | | Reply

    atleast she is lukin well put togethr this tym othrwise it’s too much of everythng in her case, just too messy mostly so in a way em liking her here as compared to her previous appearnces

  2. pdaervo at | | Reply

    …i don’t see how that can possible be well put together
    I hate the overall look…and I see it done way too often

  3. jen at | | Reply

    by well put togethr i simply mnt not an overdose of too mny things like dat bling jewelry wid ovrsized watch n nth goin togthr at al,on top of tht her messy hair, or tht red dress debacle

  4. pdaervo at | | Reply

    ,,. i guess
    but that’s not really what i think of when I think of well put togehter ;)

  5. nosh at | | Reply

    She is pretty! Who is she though?

  6. payal at | | Reply

    She was in the movie “Chak De India”.

  7. nosh at | | Reply

    oooo haven’t seen that yet. thanks!

  8. Surbhi at | | Reply

    ok- am not loving this look.. not liking the CD tee either.. aint it too casual?

    what does CD mean anyway??

  9. Juhi at | | Reply

    Atleast she doesnt have her messy hair now. I think its a step up for her.

  10. lia at | | Reply

    CD = Christian Dior

  11. Surbhi at | | Reply

    u have got to be kidding me.. from no angle does that look a dior tee.. it looks more like those fashion street rip-offs.

  12. mia at | | Reply

    i like the gucci bag, if it’s real :-)

  13. Michelle at | | Reply

    How can she afford to have such expensive accessories? Is she from a uber rich family coz moviewise she has “nil” to her credit!!!!

  14. malini at | | Reply

    i think she looks decent and nice

  15. lia at | | Reply

    Well it is probably a fashion street rip-off but still, CD stands for Christian Dior in this case……

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