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  1. Rashmi at | | Reply

    P&P u shud do an article on Kajol’s M cover.. she is looking lovely..

  2. debs at | | Reply

    i can imagine the colourful face print looking good…with a hell lotta changes made to everything else.the golden things have to be gone…the bustier has to dissappear…the skirt has to be less voluminous…the jewellery has to be gotten rid of…hair and make up has to be different…nice day bag instead of clutch…oversized sunglasses..maybe a headband.
    and oh…vidya malvade has to be replaced by nicole richie.

  3. a million different people at | | Reply

    I don’t understand. How do they even bring themselves to choose gowns like that?

  4. Enne at | | Reply

    another bad choice. she needs real help. someone find her a pro bono stylist!

  5. Joy at | | Reply

    The fugly dress Vidya’s wearing @ the Shaurya Awards is by Abhishek Dutta. and yes the dress is awful..

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