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  2. Sarindar at | | Reply

    Ok, just ok.

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    Her face looks pretty here! But there are only so many suits that I can keep seeing her in. It’s getting quite boring and bland I must say.

  4. Adara at | | Reply

    Seriously, if Aunty does have a stylist she should be sacking her. You can get better clothes/material for probably under $15 if budget is what they are looking at. Ha.

  5. monika at | | Reply

    Oh well.. it’s a regular crepe suit & the bottoms look bad.

  6. kunal at | | Reply

    it just amazes me how this designer does these tie dyes that are so fine that they look like digital prints

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    Terrible suit. Is she supposed to be ‘in character’?

  8. Gayatri at | | Reply

    So beautiful this lady is, hard to get past her soft face.

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    She is one of the most boring dressers I’ve ever seen. Her choices are not good enough to make jaws drop neither are they bad enough to make jaws drop. While that is perfectly fine for your regular girl on the 9 am commute, a movie star has no business being so average. It’s almost like she doesn’t even try to look good.

  10. kunal at | | Reply

    it amazes me how this designer does her tie dyes……looks as clear as digital prints…..

  11. preeti at | | Reply

    Another aunty look. If you call this a fashion blog, please stop featuring plain old salwar suit looks.

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    P&P, a humble request – can we please stop featuring Vidya on these pages? She brings nothing to the fashion table other than remind us of the fact that some situations are truly hopeless. She really notches down the average fashion quotient of this blog.

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    The print of the kurta is beautiful and looks well thought out. Everything else, however, does nothing for her. The fit, the hair, the makeup or the shoes. Not sure if this is “in character” but a very disappointing look.

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    Ok I agree this is not a great look but these aunty comments are totally uncalled for. Atleast she looks comfortable and is not trying to look 20 years younger ( like malaika) and neither do labels and brands define her persona ( read sonam). For that I respect her and also for thankfully not following the band wagon! P&P, If this aunty trend continues, you should just stop featuring vidya on this blog.

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      Totally agree that she should be cut some slack for not trying to appear like a teenager, a la Priyanka and Malaika. Having said that, P&P seem to be obsessed with Vidya. Why is she featured on the blog when she does not offer anything much fashionable? Especially this particular look reeks of mediocrity even by the standards of people who never wore designer stuff. If a look was WTHey and involved some experimentation, we would take that any day over her yawn inducing appearances.

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