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  1. nisha b at | | Reply

    I’m certainly liking that she’s changing but still sticking to what she’s comfortable in..baby steps Vidya baby steps

  2. liaa at | | Reply

    I don’t mind the volume or necklaces but make it work for you. Her looks just aren’t interesting or stylish. Take the coat look. The pockets look funny like a beggars choga or something. Her last look was also patchwork and it doesn’t look good . Period
    Twinkle is one who makes the statement jewellery work. She needs to up the glam factor by going back to basics and choose colours and styles that look good . Choose A line dresses , deep colours , fabrics with a clean natural fall like chiffon. That red dress looks ugly and cheap. Fashion is not just for the skinny; full figured women have plenty of choice now too .

  3. Dhehe at | | Reply

    She looks adorable, the hair style really suits her

  4. jadine at | | Reply

    Very cute. Love the change of pace, new hairstyles and silhouettes. However, Vidya is beautiful in a saree too.

  5. Asha at | | Reply

    wow she looks gorgeous with this new hairstyle <3 <3 <3 I am not too enthused about her outfit options though.

  6. Kanu at | | Reply

    And her hands are stuck in that pose for forever..!
    I can’t get past it at all.

  7. Avani at | | Reply

    Money cannot buy style. All these designer clothes & accessories but always looks cheap, shabby and lacking any style. Lol. Just because you wear a “statement neckpiece” does not make a look good.. The pieces themselves are pretty ugly & cheap looking – the red dress is an eyes sore, so is the necklace. And those grey shoes hahahaha I think she and Tanishaa are shopping buddies.

  8. Nan at | | Reply

    Was there a sale on tents

  9. Rish at | | Reply

    It’s OK to critique, but must you word your comments in as needlessly aggressive a tone as Avani always does? #StopHate

    1. Vee at | | Reply

      Thanks for saying it. We all have our favourites and not-so-favourites. But we can put forth comments without being vitriolic.

    2. Payal at | | Reply

      Confused. Are you calling Priyanka’s review aggressive?

      1. Rish at | | Reply

        sorry, my bad. The “you” was intended to be a generic you, and not one directed at “you, the author”! You can also read it as “Must one’s review…”

    3. Sp at | | Reply

      Why not? If we’re ok with swooning over dresses, a similar negative reaction should also be allowed. Let’s be authentic guys….not politically correct just for the sake of it.

      Of course, just as I reserve the right to express my views, you have every right to say ‘maybe that comment crossed the line’.

      Honestly as a fashion follower, negative comments are far more enlightening as they care to elaborate what’s wrong with the look. The positive ones alas, are just gushing.

      1. AM at | | Reply

        Negative comments are good but sometimes they are personal and there is constant belittling of only certain sorts using the exact same language. And these commenters too often have their bugbears e.g. celebs lightening their skin. Strictly speaking lightening your skin is as much of a choice as being size 0 so should we put down celebs who don’t conform to an ideal “body type” but blame celebs who lighten their skin?

        A negative comment has therefore to be worded so it is taken seriously. Certain negative comments just make you eye roll and think not again, woman has some stamina! Any fashion points are then lost.

        1. jadine at | | Reply

          I agree. Constant, focused negativity means your comments are just ignored.

    4. fromchi-town at | | Reply

      +1. I don’t have any problem with negative comments at all. It is the wording of that comment and the harsh putting down of the person or talking down to a certain sect of people that gets my goat every time.

    5. sup at | | Reply

      God, thank you Rish. Not to mention the oh-so-adorable (NOT) “lol” at the end of each vitriolic comment. (rolls eyes)

  10. Lily at | | Reply

    I like that she’s trying something other than a sari. However, she needs to be mindful of fit and size. She’s pushing up the long sleeves to the elbows which is making the upper body look weird. I get the feeling she’s wearing clothes a size too big because she’s self conscious of her body type.

  11. Farrah at | | Reply

    WWHHHHHAAAAAATTTTT! No kohlapuri wedges! :O … holy mother of Jesus Christ! She’s reading HHC!

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