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  1. Sal(SS) at | | Reply

    Perfect. She looks adorable and “real,” as obnoxious as that may sound. Love the saree.

  2. neha at | | Reply

    Oh no Vidya………i don’t want to say this ….but you need to SPARKLE at your wedding.This saree is such regular stuff.

    1. neha at | | Reply

      And by SPARKLE i don’t mean ” manish malhotra” ….but something understated and gorgeous……oh well !!!!

      1. Sheikha at | | Reply

        Agree. The sari is nice but dull.

  3. riya at | | Reply

    she looks pretty good, but its her mehendi ceremony not sangeet

  4. monika at | | Reply

    she looks happy :) & the saree is beautiful. Wish the sleeves were less puffy though!!

  5. Kiwi at | | Reply

    The drape!!!!! the face paint!!!! I like the thought re the floral jewellery but its not working

  6. Shina at | | Reply

    Its so not working. Is she preggers?

    1. Shruthi at | | Reply

      My initial reaction exactly!

      1. Mads at | | Reply

        Mine too… going by her past few appearance :)

        1. Sandy at | | Reply

          Gosh I had the exact same thought……. As real as some folks on here think she looks I think it’s way to regular to look like this at ones own wedding functions….. LOoks like Zero effort has been put in here!!!

          1. nabila at |


    2. orio at | | Reply

      My first thought when I saw the pictures (and heard of te wedding ;)!

  7. M at | | Reply

    P&P you should cover Rekha at Vidya’s Mehendi ..on of those “RARE” ocassions when madame R isnt swathed in gold from head to toe and is looking really good.

    1. ak at | | Reply

      Agree – lovely saree, but was totally shocked that it was not some tissue, full-zari design. I guess she loves Vidya that much that she downplayed (at least at the mehendi).

  8. Dilu at | | Reply

    Either the draping of the sari or the way her hand is in the pics make it seem as if she is pregnant! :O Is she?

  9. Samyukta at | | Reply

    She is glowing! That being said, I don’t think the jewellery is working for her :( And she seems to look pregnant!!! Why!

  10. minx at | | Reply

    The sari is nice but I don’t think those puffy sleeves r working

  11. Navjyoti at | | Reply

    Why she is not glowing??? She is looking happy but brides glow :) and I agree she should have tried something different for her wedding festivities…

  12. ak at | | Reply

    Not feeling this at all – the tuck (why so high?!), the too-puffy blouse, and the rather dull saree. Yet, despite all this, Ms. Balan shines.

  13. Mayuri at | | Reply

    I know she’s a to-be-bride, but she looks really sloppy for one! Nothing works for me, the entire look is a complete flop!

  14. kasthuri at | | Reply

    She looks Fab ! congrats to the couple.

  15. k= at | | Reply

    where do u get the flower jewelery from? its fabulous!

  16. Michiko at | | Reply

    She reminds me of Shakunatala!

  17. Food Poisoned Attorney at | | Reply

    I am sorry nothing is working here….!!!

  18. Deepa at | | Reply

    She looks gorgeous, the happiness is really showing! Much better than her sangeet.

  19. ami at | | Reply

    she’s looking lovely!

  20. SLC at | | Reply

    Love the saree. Great colors and her smile makes her pretty. Seems to a simple affair. I just apreciate she shared a few moments with us.

  21. colors at | | Reply

    Don’t like the flowers but she looks so happy! Her smile is so beautiful, Makes up for lack of jewelry. She might be a tag preg ;)

  22. shwetha at | | Reply

    Love as she looks, I wish she’s chosen a more younger colr than a boring mustard and oily maroon. And she should do away with puffy sleeves pronto, makes her look even more chubbier!

    How did Sabya goof up on this all important event, I hope he more than makes up for it during the rest of the festivities!

  23. Akira at | | Reply

    What happened to the sari pleats? Was there not enough sari material? Curious to why she is wearing it bengali style when neither she nor the groom are from there.

    As mentioned by someone above…Rekha is looking fab at this event.

  24. Sue at | | Reply

    The drape is wrong and it lets her down. That said, she looks so happy, it’s hard to criticise the look. :)

    1. PC at | | Reply

      You bet the drape is WRONG! I am a Bengali and this “Bengali drape” is messed up!

  25. SS at | | Reply

    she is looking but dont like the saree, its too simple for the occasion.

  26. jj at | | Reply

    Sari is simple but jewelry add huge drama..perfect Bengali lady..all d best!

  27. DiptiN at | | Reply

    Such beautiful jewelry in India and she wears this hosh, posh. But I love her and she looks happy. Keeping fingers crossed for a great look at the wedding and reception

  28. Adara at | | Reply

    Agree with few others, nothing is working. That jewelry is byond tacky. I am imagining PC wearing such stuff at her wedding, what comments would be thrown in. Haha! Since its VidyaB people tend to give concession,but of course, award winning actress and all. :P

  29. Supriya at | | Reply

    maha tacktastic.. to me atleast…

  30. JalebisAreAFastMetabolismsBestFriend at | | Reply

    Oh, those sleeves.

  31. Ayelet at | | Reply

    While I wouldn’t be caught dead in anything close to this attire, she looks happy. Since she is the bride, for once I shall refrain from commenting too much on her style. For this is her favorite style and has never worked outside of “Parinita”.

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