In Payal Khandwala


Wearing Payal Khandwala, Vidya filmed on the sets of a television show. Wavy hair and Amrapali jewelry finished out her look. Personally, given the multiple bangles, I’d have gone with either the necklace or the cocktail ring. But that’s just my personal preference! Vidya looked lovely and brownie points for the hair.

Vidya Balan In Payal Khandwala On The Sets Of 'Look Who's Talking'

Vidya Balan On Look Who’s Talking Sets


  1. Wow
    It took me a couple of minutes to even have words to say
    She looks the best I’ve seen her in a long long time. Her makeup is FANTASTIC here

  2. Now if only she looked confident with what she’s wearing [because at this point I’ll take anything over her overdone sari look-not that there’s anything wrong with saris-love them-however it’s nice to switch it up]. She doesn’t look sure in the first picture especially.

  3. Her face is SO pretty but darn that is one of the most unflattering tops I’ve seen on here! Makes her hand look stunted! That color looks great on her – wish it had been a well tailored top.

  4. oh she looks amazing! she need not dress up like this all the time, of course, but it is nice being reminded occasionally how beautiful and graceful she is.

  5. Did VB fire her previous stylist? Or did said stylist go on a refresher course because goodness, girl has brought it home and how. Love the colors, the jewelry (though I would have worn just the ring, not a complaint, just sharing). Brava.

  6. The hair/makeup are STUNNING! And her outfit is a big improvement also. She has one of the prettiest faces in Bollywood.

  7. my god does she look gorgeous OR WHAT? so now maybe the aunty comments can stop. and the jabs that she can’t wear anything but indian… she looks lovely here

  8. Nice! Wouldn’t have done the ring, but still, that’s minor. Wonder how she looked in profile, because the slit on the skirt is quite high.

  9. Love the outfit and the jewellery…not a fan of the hair (not with this outfit atleast) …one minor gripe…the top is short for her by atleast a couple of inches…the folds on that skirt look weird as is and would have made sense to have a slightly longer top..

  10. Ok now wait lemme get my jaws back from the floor! This is the best she’s looked in a while! So effortlessly chic. That face and the hair oooh! She’s got one of the best faces in the business! Jayati finally started understanding Vidya’s body type! Let this be the benchmark for future stylings

  11. “Brownie points for the hair”…Seriously??
    The ring, the top and the hair, I thought they all make this look WhattheHeyy worthy!
    I guess I’m the only one who thinks so.

    • Such a horrible outfit for her ! Such bad pageantry hair! The under 5 junior pageant category! The only saving grace is the makeup and that face! Sad so sad! I guess its “lets give the poor girl a break” comments from everyone! Dont know how else anyone thinks she is working this really “horrible for vidya” look!

  12. Unanimously loving Ms. Balan here.
    love the make up, espcially the go easy on the eyebrows, and the outfit just brings out the best in her. that cheeky smile, she knows she looks good.
    Whoever styled her, well done!

  13. She looks awesome!!…The hair and the make up had me do a double take for sure. Hope she continues to spring up pleasant surprises like this!

  14. It’s surprising that someone who dresses up in the most unflattering outfits ever can dish out something like this. Well done Madam Vidya!!! tres bien! That ring looks like a murder weapon. Minus that it’ll look even better.


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