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  1. nina at | | Reply

    not really liking it as much as the previous ones..but good to see a change of accessories!!

  2. cisplatin at | | Reply

    Wow!! Pretty she does not look. And the makeup is a disaster on its own.

  3. RUCHii at | | Reply

    well thats an unfair comparison…out of her last 10 posts i guess maybe 3 would be of Kareena wearing MM creations..but for Vidha, Sabya is ALL that she steps out in..am suppperrr bored…so for the sake of keeping the blog fresh..why don’t you just put one Vidya post every month detailing how many times she wore Sabya..!!

    1. StilletoGal at | | Reply

      I second you

    2. lolita at | | Reply


    3. aparna at | | Reply

      great idea! agree completely. kareena changes it up atleast, but this one has the same blouse style even.

    4. Tvish at | | Reply

      LMAO! Good one ;) I hope P&P are listening…

    5. dn at | | Reply

      I second that. Let’s have a poll for this. We can have a monthly update on Vidya in Sabya sarees. More than enough.

      Why is her drape so shabby?

      1. sabrina at | | Reply

        i am all for partial ban of vidya balan!!

        1. tina at | | Reply

          Vidya Balan’s dressing is getting on my nerves now! The same sari, different colours. P&P really need to stop her posts, considering how blah they find the Herve Leger sightings, Vidya’s are repetition at a whole new level.

    6. kasthuri at | | Reply

      i disagree….i like her in her sabya’s. she looks so pretty i dont care about changing it up and coming in WTHeyys…i love these looks…

  4. se at | | Reply

    vidya is looking beautiful…..

  5. Faiza at | | Reply

    I love the colour…i was just talkin to a friend of mine saying yellow is so underrated…it’s such a beautiful colour. love it on her she pulls it off WELL.

  6. Nandini at | | Reply

    I love her makeup! She looks so refreshed and sunny. And I really love that she left her hair down and natural! She’s looks incredible!

    1. olala at | | Reply

      @ nandini: those look a lot like extensions. any which way, she is chnaging it up, so props for tHat?

  7. aparna at | | Reply

    the hair ruined it for me.

  8. saristyle at | | Reply

    oh noooooooo!!
    Govinda is back…..

  9. Surekha at | | Reply

    The sari is good and the color combination is definitely striking. Vidya looks good in the second picture only because its taken from a distance and you cant notice the disasterous makeup which overshadows all things good about this appearance.

  10. yashu at | | Reply

    i kinda have mixed feelings..i wanna like it but this is so repetitive of hers although a good look but i am bored …had she changed to some thing else earlier then it wld have been refreshing but again…one word SNOOZE

  11. KK at | | Reply

    Sorry but none of it works – not the sari, makeup or the hair..

    1. shreya at | | Reply

      it’s not working for me either

  12. Rushil at | | Reply

    she truly looks fab!

  13. anne at | | Reply

    hair is a downer…

  14. Adara at | | Reply

    Kareena wears Saris (MM or otherwise) prolly one in some 15 appearances. How can that be compared to Vidya’s only-Sabya-saris rut?This look is a hot mess with that ghastly makeup.

  15. shyba at | | Reply

    Lovely color combo…..Plsss add pics from Sabya’s collection

  16. Udaya at | | Reply

    That yellow is way too garish and excessively vivid, so is the hot pink blouse! very kitsch and very unlike Sabyasachi!

  17. NK at | | Reply

    her hair is terrible! really needs a cut! and the whole look, except for the colors, makes her look 2 generations older!

  18. Hemaj at | | Reply

    I think she looks lovely, I do like that unexpected combination of yellow & pink. M

  19. Peachesandblush.com at | | Reply

    I wish Vidya would mix it up a little bit. Though the colors on the saree are really pretty, and im happy shes worn a bright pink lipstick this time, i am gtting bored of seeing the same look from her again and again and again…even the length of the blouses sleeve doesnt change!!

  20. ash at | | Reply

    Love the saree, hair AND makeup – makes the whole look pop!

  21. SS at | | Reply

    The saree is gaudy, the hair unkempt. What’s to like?

  22. shradhdha at | | Reply

    Ammaji please start dressing age appropriate

  23. chitown-fashionista at | | Reply

    I am not sure of this look. She is not as put together as some of her prev looks. This looks kinda looks haphazard.

  24. sabrina at | | Reply

    uhm, yeah I love the combination of yellow and pink. super cute and all, but the color combination is the only saving grace of this look. she insists on draping her sari like its a bedsheet, she always seems to have issues with her pallu.
    her out of shower hair to side thing is getting old. but no-one wants to see vidya balan sporting a bun, so i guess thats just damage control.
    the sari’s cute though. ayesha takia would look great in it.

  25. ANJU at | | Reply

    Regardless, she needs someone to drape the saree on her…as she does it horribly

  26. SULPHUR at | | Reply

    I like it. simple and cheery as u said…
    but i think its getting very routine, but given her conventional body shape, I think she is more comfortable in sarees .. I would like to see her in MASABA someday. Apart from that, she looks fine….

  27. Lulu at | | Reply

    Kiron Kher is in saris all the time, but even she manages to change it up with diferent styles/designers…Ms. Balan screams SUPER BORING with her Sabya-Only look all the time, every time…And what’s the deal with the atrocious pink lipstick and un-shampooed hair….Just like someone said above – just give us a monthly count of how many zillion times she wore Sabyasachi and we can figure out how exactly she looked

  28. arpitha at | | Reply

    dont like the makeup.

    i think vidhya should try MM and Kareena should try Sabya. Both will look nice and different. Vidhya will look fresh & young in MM and Kareena will look simple & nice in Sabya.

  29. kasthuri at | | Reply

    i love the look and the lipstick !!!

  30. SS at | | Reply


    She loves her Sabyasachi’s…but come on! She is so predictable and so boring. Only the color of her saris change. She does not even experiment with the drape!!! I would take a gujju drape anyday from her…just to shake things a bit.

    She is turning out to be another Simi Garewal. You don’t need to read the post. You already know what she would be wearing <>

  31. Anu C at | | Reply

    I like her make-up here – pink lips brighten her appearance overall.

  32. tracy at | | Reply

    vidya looks super hot! love the look!

  33. aalia at | | Reply

    i dont know why vidya is such a hit on this site, she looks terrible from head to foot- the lipstick, the pink blouse that clashes, the split ends messy hair..nothing is right and OMG that clutch!

  34. mary at | | Reply

    fire your stylist vidya. Even my 5 year old can do a better job of putting in hair extensions!
    As for the kareena comparison, bebo carries her saris with much panache elevating MM’s mediocre creations a few notches with the way she carries them. Vidya on the other hand is a complete natural at totally destroying outfits that might be pretty on anyone else other than her!

  35. SLC at | | Reply

    I’m a big fan of Sabya so there’s nothing wrong with the sari, even the pink blouse I like. Vidya’s hair ruins the whole look. By god she’s wearing bangles! I suppose an excuse for the garish makeup would be that she had to walk on-ramp, which I forgive.

  36. navya at | | Reply

    Its so funny that everybody is cribbing about Vidya wearing Sabya all the time. It is true but this time ladies she had to wear Sabya as I believe she was walking for Sabya at the show.

  37. gossipgirl at | | Reply


  38. gossipgirl at | | Reply

    aiyo! check out the blouse-matching-lips! come on, P & P. you guys are a little partial towards her…

  39. Miss Piggy at | | Reply

    There is just so much HAIR! I can’t get past the hair…seriously! This is just too Chameli for me and not in a good way.

  40. anon at | | Reply

    It always looks like the saree is wearing Vidya Balan not the other way around.She looks super overwhelmed most of the times

  41. ash at | | Reply

    I don’t get the hate against the hair. It looks pretty good to me. I can’t even see the extensions :|

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