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  1. Angelica at | | Reply

    she is indeed looking lovely in both the attires and I want want want the pair of earrings she is wearing with the saree :-)

  2. grozny at | | Reply

    Yes she looks pretty, but this is just so BORING now!! For goodness sake!

  3. RM at | | Reply

    These are looks which immediately draw “wow” and “Fab” as a reaction.. really lovely.. both the anarkali and the saree are fab and Vidya has put together both her looks pretty well..

  4. shyba at | | Reply

    looks beautiful in both …but Anarkali is far more intrstng coz of the color combination….Sabyaaaaaaaaa…u Rocks

    As you mentioned in the Fashion week abt Sabya’s upcoming Sarees rangng Rs.2000/-Payal Plssssssssss update us when it will happen and where it is available…plssssss

  5. Spardha at | | Reply

    i like the sari look better… its tre chic.. only whats that wierd clutch she’s carrying??

    1. Spardha at | | Reply

      oops .. bummer.. i guess that was the award!!
      my bad, she looks great!

      1. Shweta at | | Reply


  6. priya at | | Reply

    are you serious? after what seems like a lifetime of seeing her in Anarkalis, I much prefer seeing her in a saree. I like both outfits, but good lord, i am tired of seeing VB in anarkalis.

  7. SS at | | Reply

    She looks lovely in both avatars, but I’m a sucker for a sari worn well. :)

  8. frutu at | | Reply

    she is lukin gud in both…n yeah now d black blouse goes well with d saree

  9. Sud at | | Reply

    i think she looks absolutely lovely in both the pics… love the sari n the anarkali….

  10. Swati at | | Reply

    Love the anarkali …… but lately i’m getting a little bored with all the Sabyasachi …. too much of those around ……

    as much as i love Sabyasachi designs, i always get the feeling that they are great for winter/autumn ….. I have never seen one that would be a great summer or spring wear – something light, feminine, flirty, young full of those joyful summer-ry colours ….

    like the anarkali here, i kept trying to imagine myself wearing it … an evening chilly party – perfect ….. sweltering delhi heat ….. errr…. no thank you ……

    i can’t remember a good summer/spring Sabyasachi design … does anyone else ?

    1. suchi at | | Reply

      agree, it is always the earthy tones , very fall like.

      1. Spardha at | | Reply

        i echo ur sentiment… its really all very fall like!!

  11. Lin at | | Reply

    OK, Now it is officially boring and unimaginative. Agreed, there will be many comments to this post- Some will go gaga over how beautiful she looks (which is right in some ways) and some will totally lambast her fashion sense (or lack thereof). I think that if you are in the celluloid business, you should try and be creative (or at least try a different type of saree). As for Sabya, his designs are beautiful, but how many can tell by looking at his outfits and say, “OH, this is Sabya Spring/ summer 2009” or “That’s Sabya Fall 2010”, because all his designs look the same to me!
    I already forgot this look 10 minutes back!

    1. yummy at | | Reply

      I totally agree with u … all of his designs are almost of same pattern … I appreciate the fact that he always do Indian works with his designs … but other than kalamkari and banarasi he can do something different … personally I can buy only one his designs .. but I cant stuff all my wardrobe with sabyasachi like Vidya … she should try other than him ..

  12. Jasmine at | | Reply

    love the anarkali! and she looks gorgeous in both — may the VB-SM association last long!

  13. star at | | Reply

    I am so completely bored of Vidya Balan and her Sabyasachis..she looks the same everytime..maybe she should mix it up a bit.

  14. dn at | | Reply

    Beautiful. Love both looks. But I am repeating myself – she looks better with a bindi when in a saree. I do wish she would change the style of the blouse though.

  15. Rach at | | Reply

    Is this a uniform of sorts?? agreed stick to what suits you, but its getting boring now! yawwwnnnn ……

  16. shaila at | | Reply

    vidya looks great in the anarkali, and her footwear isn’t bad either.

  17. kasthuri at | | Reply

    She looks great in both. Love her necklines !!

  18. vp at | | Reply

    Anarkali is beautiful but i’m in love with the sareee!! the color, the design, its gorgeous!!!!!!

  19. ash at | | Reply

    Oh my god that anarkali is to die for! The colours are exquisite, I know Vidya loves her anarkalis and most people are going to hate her wearing one again – but when its this gorgeous who cares! The sari is beautiful also, but I feel like I’ve seen her wear the same one in different colour variations a ton of times before. Its great she sticks to Sabyasachis, but surely he has different styles of saris also, maybe she should try out one of those?

  20. amber at | | Reply

    ok. wen these printed sleeves first came out, i thought it was new, smart, clever, kitschy, different.. but vidya balan has managed to make it so dated so soon!

  21. nina at | | Reply

    looks ravishing in both avatars!well put together

  22. shooting star at | | Reply

    i like the anarkali luk, she has donned e sari luk to death by now!!!

  23. cooks at | | Reply

    I love both outfits!!!

  24. hhc-addict at | | Reply

    I think she looks beautiful in both and her face is just gorgeous!

  25. Kashmira at | | Reply

    Just so bored of seeing her in Sabya all the time..yawwwnnnn

  26. N at | | Reply

    Absolutely love the Anarkali –
    She looks GORGEOUS!

    1. N at | | Reply

      Those earrings are looking so good with the saree – would love to have a pair like that!

  27. Rajvi at | | Reply

    No doubts she looks beautiful in both of them..but shes repeated both the looks so many times that it has started looking like shes repeating her outfits

  28. sony at | | Reply

    She is looking nice, for a change – esp in the anarkali

  29. Tuktsar at | | Reply

    Although she looked lovely in both the attires, i am tired of seeing her in sabsyachi…

  30. Hema at | | Reply

    Whew! What a big relief! Finally I see a pic of Vidya looking absolutely lovely in a saree and jhumkas…..blouse could be updated a bit, maybe, but I won’t complain. She is a beautiful lady and I’m glad to see her wear a saree the way it should be…very elegant. Thanks to whoever it was who helped her wear the saree. Hope to see more of her like this.

  31. Expatriate at | | Reply

    I think I prefer the saree..

    The anarkali looks like a hodgepodge of fabrics that I am not too sure belong together..

    1. Expatriate at | | Reply

      And the colours are a wee bit too dull as well..

  32. Sej at | | Reply

    Wow – I am impressed. This time around she is 2 for 2 in my books. Looks stunning in both. I am always happy to see a fully clothed Bollywood gal in Vidya. I wish the rest of the lot took note.

  33. Kanira at | | Reply

    god this woman is beautiful! both looks carried off well..

  34. Saritha at | | Reply

    I loved both saree and anarkali..I like the way she drapes the saree..I would also like to know where we can get this type of anarkali..

  35. Mumbadiva at | | Reply

    Really? I thought the plain black on the yoke of the anarkali is rather jarring amidst the prints. I love the saree & boy she looks good….well drapped too!!

  36. Fashionluvver at | | Reply

    The Anarkali! Breathtaking! Does anyone know how much these run for?

  37. Jiya Manwani at | | Reply

    I think she finally found her inner Diva and am happy for her…looks gorgeous and glamorous…yes glamorous….unlike commom bollywood notion glamour is all about western clothes…she looks femenine and beautiful and sexy if I may say so….I just hope she experiments mopre with different styles of Indian clothes and not get stuck in anarkali rut forever…maybe something like a fitted knee length/pencil skirt kinda fit kurta with churidars…

    1. SS at | | Reply

      Totally! I’m so glad you pointed out that glamour need not be about western clothes, and that she looks not only beautiful and well-dressed, but glamorous too!

  38. KS at | | Reply

    The dresses look okay but Vidhya looks good.

  39. shobha at | | Reply

    She looks gorgeous in both. I love the saree.

  40. sheeba at | | Reply

    wow love her makeup, so simple but very elegant

  41. Barfi at | | Reply

    Sabyasachi Saree for 2000…oh plz do update us Payal wen it launches….

  42. KD at | | Reply

    I dont own an Anarkali as of now and frankly after seeing SO MANY around, I dont think I want one anymore lol..

    she looks geat though

  43. Vanaja at | | Reply

    I thought I would never say this but finally she looks good in this Anarkali. Face looks refreshing and the fitting is good.

  44. sonia at | | Reply

    whether one likes her dress sense or not, one has to admit that she must be doing something right if she’s managed to generate so much debate and so many comments.

  45. AM at | | Reply

    Does one need to change/mix up styles to stop being “boring”? Far as I know Audrey Hepburn stuck to the same look and designer all her life. And we know her reputation. I think it’s good VB , while no Hepburn and quite capable of misstepping, is evolving towards her own style instead of wearing what is in fashion and quite likely landing in the WTHeyyy. A sari might be boring these days but people the possibility exists it just may be the garment for a particular person!

    Also I think Vidya Balan has taken on the mantle of most commented on this site. Step aside, Ms. Rai!

    1. anita at | | Reply

      audrey hepburn had grace. VB doesn’t – which is why most looks fall flat on her.

      1. Sugar at | | Reply

        @Anita: Couldn’t have said it better.

      2. SS at | | Reply

        I actually think Vidya has oodles of grace, but that of course is a matter of opinion.

        1. star at | | Reply

          Audrey Hepburn stuck to Givenchy but I dont think she ever looked repitative…Sabyasachi is a great designer but I would only like to own 1 or 2 of his outfits..his palettes are limted to black, red, brown and dark blue..and gold…and basically are a patchwork of different unmatched patterns brought together as a whole, which is brilliant, but thats all he does.

          1. uumema at |

            star i agree with you!!!i thought that im the only one who have this feeling for sabyaschi designs!! and i think vidya balan has no style whenever i look at her i feel that she copies rani mukherji!!

    2. sp at | | Reply

      hehe …. like what you said and I agree, if she looks best in a sari then she should stick to her comfort level!!

      better than PC and her ultra short dresses and bikini blouses!

  46. Shweta at | | Reply

    My my my this is the first time I loved what Vidya is wearing…left me speechless!! Usually I don’t comment on every pic…but his time I could’t just keep mum and all to myself!!
    …hmmm adored her in anarkali esp. with those sleek pair of high heels and sheer churidaar!! Loved her gorgeous pair of jhumkaas…drooolliinngggggggg!!
    Vidya, you rock this time!! You’ve kind of made it in my books!! :)

  47. slow at | | Reply

    i would kill for skin like that .. she is positively glowing!

    1. Shweta at | | Reply

      haha if they remove their makeup you’ll have a much better skin than theirs….
      ….talk about makeup magic honey!!

  48. for hhc at | | Reply

    the anarkali is not different from what she has worn in the past – she seems to be drawn towards this style of neck/fit and sleeves – serach for Vidya in this site and also lookup the dress she is wearing which you have put up on Nov 4th

  49. Jane Err.. at | | Reply

    If Maliaka can keep wearing short, skimpy dresses all the time, why can’t Vidya keep wearing Sabyasachi’s ethnic clothes all the time, esp gvein how lovely ans unique she looks..

  50. Pri at | | Reply

    neither.. booooring… yawwnnn.. sleep.. snore…
    the whole exclusive and elusive nature of sabya’s creations have been officially ruined thanks to vidya balan.

  51. RS at | | Reply

    She looks lovely in both avatars. The anarkali is to die for!

  52. akaa at | | Reply

    She looks beautiful, and the sari and the anarkali both are to die for.. Oh heavens.. when will I get myself a Sabyasachi .. WHEN??

  53. Prettywoman at | | Reply

    I think she is a gorgeous looking woman, the right clothes or not!! I am in love with those earrrings, any idea where I can get them?

  54. oshoriri666 at | | Reply

    LOL…..reading all the comments i think its time we see her in an MM creation!

  55. jen at | | Reply

    I can never get enuf of Sabya.PERIOD!

  56. Shuchi at | | Reply

    Vidya is totally in her element here. I like it all the way.

  57. s at | | Reply

    P & P: dont you think it is time she made an appearance in something other than a salwar/saree. She has lost weight and it isnt about your body, it is about picking the right dress, hope she tries little more. For actors who make way too many appearances, same look gets boring.

  58. Ish at | | Reply

    More of the same… but at least it’s nice. And does she keep getting more beautiful? Wow.

  59. Butterfly at | | Reply

    yawn…always the same old anarkali or a boring dated saree (which some tend to call classic )

  60. green chilli at | | Reply

    Loving the sari on her … the colours et al go very well together. Only thing – her constant blouse length is getting annoying .. I think she could have worked even full length sleeves with this sari. Also, agree with someone above about her trying out different silhouettes in traditional clothes, such as a fitted pencil kurta with churidar. And whether it’s the makeup or not, she always has this lovely glowing face :)

  61. desigirl at | | Reply

    love her makeup.
    i read somewhere that she is very picky about her kajal/kohl and gets it from pakistan. does anyone know how to line the upper waterline the way she has here?

  62. Tejasvi at | | Reply

    I’m finally glad Vidya has found her guardian angel in Sabyasachi. his clothes look sooo good on her.

  63. Su at | | Reply


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