In Anupamaa


At a press meet announcing a Film Festival she is an ambassador of, Ms. Balan was spotted in an Anupamaa sari. Dramatic eye make-up, a cocktail ring and Manish Arora X Amrapali ear cuffs completed her look.

Show of hands, who else did a double take on seeing those ear cuffs?!

Am not a big fan of the exaggerated cat-eye on Vidya which I find ages her, here anyway. The ear cuffs though, we fully approve! Here’s hoping she surprises us more often.

P.S: See the designer herself wear the sari here.

Vidya Balan In Anupamaa And Manish Arora For Amrapali At 'Indian Film Festival Of Melbourne' Press Meet-1

Vidya Balan At ‘Indian Film Festival Of Melbourne’ Press Meet

Vidya Balan In Anupamaa And Manish Arora For Amrapali At 'Indian Film Festival Of Melbourne' Press Meet-2

Vidya Balan At ‘Indian Film Festival Of Melbourne’ Press Meet

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. Oh wow, since when did Vidya take up Kathakali? Looks like she’s come straight from a recital or class? Thrown on the sari and turned up? hmm i thought these stars had make-up on the go people?

  2. There is no excuse for the hideous make up, the terrible saris and general lack of upkeep. She is a star, looking good is her job – and mostly, I so loved her from her Parineeta days. Though I guess its a free country and being frumpy is a legit choice…

  3. Luv the ear cuff surprise but that face is almost 5 extra shades of bronze than what it should have been. She could have pulled of the eyes too if it wasn’t for the makeup.

  4. Way way too much going on in this look. And the hair only added to her woes – if she had just tied it back, it would have been one less competing factor. The only part of this look that I quite like are the cuffs – the makeup is really off, and that saree is horrid.

  5. Aunty needs some serious help. She does not have an ounce of oomph to carry an ear cuff like that or the cat eyes. And trust her to pick the ugliest of saris. Ha!

  6. the eye makeup is definitely too much and the bronzer is way overdone but i actually kind of like the ear cuffs, it’s a welcome change and makes her look edgier.

  7. the makeup is not done well…the saree looks ok on her…the ear cuffs are amazing…what has pleasantly surprised me is the fact that finally the lady is moving away from the tried and tested and monotonous sabyasachi looks…i hope there are more surprises lined up by her designer/ stylist…here’s hoping that one day she will wear dresses and gowns as well…

  8. it’s a very non-cohesive look. nothing works with anything else, though individually each piece is nice. that saree needed an updated blouse. the eyes and the ear-cuffs are at one party; the face has just spent too much time on the beach (or in a bronzer bath). VIDYA — keep faith in your OWN sense of aesthetics!!!

  9. Remember tomboy Anjali from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai? After seeing Tina all made up one day she tries putting make up on. Well, this is real life Anjali I am seeing here.

  10. I really like her confidence and how she dresses in general, but this is terrible. Mostly because of the ghastly make-up.
    Who suggested that eye-liner? N ehy didnt they fix it after it was done and they saw what it looked like?

  11. I feel really sorry for her. Even with all the help she can get , she still looks she walked out of sets of some c grade movie. I can’t believe she is a Tambrahm. Even her mom or family ladies can teach her a thing or two to select good saris and most importantly to look presentable and not shabby or clownesque.


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