Baby Steps


Loss for words? “Hallelujah‘” is what you are looking for we believe.

Giving the plain handloom saris a rest was Vidya who decided to change it up at a recent event by choosing to wear a printed one.

She looked lovely neck-up and, without breaking the stride, she can perhaps next work on her blouses? Baby steps.


Vidya Balan at the BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) Opening Bell Ceremony

Photo Credit: Bollywood Hungama


  1. the words i’m looking for are “oh forget it”. why is she even featured on a fashion blog, when she obviously has no sense of fashion? look at that sari.

    • i’ll second that …. why even feature her anymore – she is such a easy target …. she has moved from cringe-worthy to yawn inducing …. why not just feature her when she either dresses up brilliantly or completely WTHeyy! … on a regular basis, she just puts me to sleep …..

      ……. and what a pity it is ….. i think she is one of the very few beautiful actresses that doesn’t resemble some sort of a cliche …. she looks so warm and earthy …..

      . …. who is her stylist ???? – that person shouldn’t be allowed near clothes with a ten foot pole …. i refuse to believe just bec she doesn’t adhere to model sizes she can’t figure out what to wear…. she looks all woman and oozes out charm in the movies, then what happena in real life…..

  2. The kind of look an office-goer might sport in India (except perhaps for the hair). Nonetheless, she does look fab. She does not have the height/slim physique that most bollywood heroines do – yet, her USP, I would say, is that she manages to look fresh ALL the time without copious amounts of war paint/over-processed hair.

  3. I’m going to save my Hallelujah for some other time. Change, yes. But I’m still praying hard that one of these days she just surprises us all (in a good way ofcourse).

    • Totally in agreement! That saree and blouse is one of the ugliest piece of clothing I’ve witnessed in 19 years of my existence. Why do P&P even feature her? Unless she’s paying them. HA!

  4. I actually hate this look. There is nothing remotely glamorous, fashionable or chic about it. Vidya Balan is a film star, making an appearance in her capacity as a celeb. I understand she prefers ethnic clothing, but ethnic can be fun/ sexy/ elegant/ ornate/ classy too. This looks downright dowdy
    She is such a gorgeous woman, why cant she get a wardrobe that does her justice instead of wearing clothes that age her and make her look so matronly

  5. OMG!!! Help is more like it – she stole my curtains and bedcovers – no no no! ms.balan needs way more help for hallelujah :( her make ups good tho.

  6. Baby steps :-)

    Yes, defiinitely a different blouse like a simple orange blouse or a white blouse with some orange & lavendar would have looked good.
    Also simple earring would have looked nice like colorless studs.

    • exactly! I am just happy she got a hair brush and hair dryer and possibly even a styling iron :D

      She does look beautiful, neck up, love those jhumkas too.

      Just return the blouse to grammy, please!!, she has been looking for it the whole day!!

  7. OMGSHHH !!
    Wat’s wrong with this extremely beautiful woman ? Why cn’t she dress her age..? ok.. she likes to dress up in ethnic dresses…choose smthin’ more age appropriate and be a lil more visually appealing apparels plsss….good lord look at tht overwhelming print ang tht tacky blouse….wht happened to tht ethereal Vidya of Parineeta..??


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