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At the Riddhi Rejas wedding reception, Vidya stuck to her style mantra and opted for a Gaurang patola sari wearing it with a green blouse and gold jewellery.

At first glance, the green blouse didn’t feel like it fit in but the more I look at her, the less I mind it. If I had to wear the sari though, I’d pick a purple blouse but that isn’t to say she didn’t look lovely.


Vidya Balan at Riddhi Malhotra Tejas Talwalkar Wedding Reception

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. Green is perfect – it perfectly highlights the green in the body (matching to the orange in the body would have been too bright, and although white would be nice, it would be a bit dull for a wedding). Purple would be overkill, in my opinion, esp. given the fact that the purple border is so wide.

    So nice to see a patola! She looks lovely!

  2. How beautiful is that saree after an avalance of loud and blingy georgettes and chiffons. Sight for sore eyes. Now if there was a bit of purple in the blouse to tie together… VB looks gorg..the only one who seems to have got the memo- its someone else’s wedding, not your own.

  3. Do I like the saree? At first glance, no. But Vidya pulls it off effortlessly! In all honesty, I don’t think any other indian celebrity could wear an otherwise ‘boring’ saree and yet look as lovely as Vidya does here. Also, I love how neatly it’s pleated, albeit I feel that the end of the saree is a little too long. Everything else on point, otherwise. The makeup, the hair, the shoes, and the jewelry.

  4. I think she looks beautiful and has the guts to take a chance and wear what most celebrities won’t – a traditional silk saree! It is technically winter in India – even in Mumbai- so its a seasonally appropriate choice. Vidya’s problem is the opposite of most celebs – she needs to experiment with modern design more often.

  5. This is such a timeless look! When we look back at the pix from the wedding in a decade, this saree will still be a classic whereas the glitzy lehenga’s crop tops, etc may be just a ‘trend’. I love the jhumka’s and the way she’s done the pleats to the saree. Vidya looks lovely!

  6. I am happy to announce among my years of following and loving you guys i have never been able to point and say you guys are wrong…disagreed for sure but dismiss your opinion..never . but this is a first…for once you are so wrong about that green blouse…look again pnp look again..

  7. I actually hate it when the blouse is the same color as the border. It becomes too homogenous. Ideally I would prefer something matching the body of the sari, but this is Vidya, so yeah, green seems more obvious. She looks fab!


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