1. Finally she gets it right. She looks nice—very casual and laid back and such a relief from that anarkali phase. Also looks like she’s trimmed down-very nice!!!

  2. If I am not wrong she has a very similar Kurta in black too .. u featured it here back then (with her dark pink_churidaars) !!
    She looks good here.

    • I think its the white version of that black kurta..including the creases! But she looks good here…exuding a very relaxed vibe….suits her.

  3. ugly dressing
    she is looking incomplete with out dopatta
    if she is soo intrested in wearing such cloths she should wear it with all essentils
    dopatta missing i dont like the look

    • FYI Zak.. most women in urban India have stopped wearing dupattas in daily wear… it just makes for a messy silhouette and is difficult to manage..

  4. This kurta as well as alot of the Indian stuff Vidya has been wearing of late, are by Nagma and Sana Ansari for Ahilaya. Kajol wears them too, at her Yakult promotion. Of course the crochet lace is Kajol’s own addition……….

  5. Also, for those who are fans – Ahilaya’s Farha, Nagma and Sana Ansari for “Leaves of Grass” are also available at Net-A-Porter

    Beautiful stuff, I’m certainly a big fan! Their store in Colaba is worth more than a drop-in once every fortnight!


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