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  1. Sej at | | Reply

    It’s not bad but for some reason it’s not a 10 on 10 either. I think it worked for me until I scrolled down and saw the foot wear and grey contrast to the kurta. Me no like that at all.

    1. monika at | | Reply

      Yes, why the grey churidar? A black one would have been so much better.

    2. pdaervo at | | Reply

      Disagree :) I loe the grey, it gives a bit of a sophisticated edge (as opposed to just black and red, which would have been sort of emo-teenager-ish)
      tis the problem with black and red, but the grey evens it out

      1. Enne at | | Reply

        Pdaervo- I am in agreementing!!
        I also love her hair/makeup for once!

        1. An at | | Reply

          Grey Lookss AWSOMEE!!!…only bcoz of the grey bottom this dress is standing out darling!!…if it was paired with black then there wud be Just nothing extraordinary abt it…

          1. shreya at |

            So true! I like it as well.

  2. kaya at | | Reply

    She’s very pretty and if not anything else, i’m glad she’s being true to herself. That’s commendable considering the clones that are her colleagues.

    1. Fashionluvver at | | Reply

      That’s a good point. After a while all the others start to look the same.. wearing the same designer dresses week after week…!

  3. koel at | | Reply

    Oh ! I love it on her. Had it been somebody else I would have said OK ! but so happy for Vidya to give up her “Tents” (Anarkalis)

    I think this style suits her more than the Anarkalis…

  4. Fashionluvver at | | Reply

    Lovely! And her face – so gorgeous!

  5. KT at | | Reply

    i think she is wearing this also in the movie.. just saw it on TV..in the ‘mudi mudi’ song of paa…

  6. lurverlurver at | | Reply

    its so tacky..but her face looks lovely…

  7. precious at | | Reply

    i no like. she is a movie star, for god’s sake, not some collegegoer on a budget…and some of them manage way better too. she is always underdressed, or dressed far too casually/ frumpily for a public figure. unless thats a statement she’s TRYING to make, she needs to be aware of how disappointing it is time after time after time.


  8. Kiwi at | | Reply

    Her shoes!!! Why can’t she get it right????The kurta is OK.

  9. vin at | | Reply

    nice kurta.. though the grey looks a little off.. cud have chosen better footwear..

  10. reah at | | Reply

    the kurta is quite nice

  11. macsiris at | | Reply

    For once she looks good and got it quite right except for her chudidar!! I’m digin into her kurta…and she got the accessories right for once…minimal….minimal we like……

  12. priya at | | Reply

    Loving everything here minus the grey churidar. that is totally out of sync with the rest of what she’s wearing. a white or black one would have made this outfit perfect. and thank heavens she let go of the anarkalis!!!

  13. shreya at | | Reply

    i like her kurta, it’s better than the anarkalis which were getting too predictable.

  14. Nidhi at | | Reply

    OMG ! not those shoes..agree with Sej..black would have worked much better.

  15. Pri at | | Reply

    i wish she would do something different with her hair… change in outfit … change in hairstyle.. PLEASE!!!

  16. Pri at | | Reply

    I hate the bottom and the footwear!! they are just so o bad!!

  17. Priya at | | Reply

    She looks so much younger in this style as compared to the anarkalis.The grey churidar is a downer though.

  18. Anu at | | Reply

    the polka dots give me a headache…if they were slightly more spaced out and if they were smaller, it would have been easier on the eyes

  19. Swapna at | | Reply

    Polka dots anytime are cute….but had she gone for just a knee length dress minus that dowdy grey thingy ….she would look good … she has a pretty face and defintitely has money …So Vidya please please hire a great stylist!

    1. Swapna at | | Reply

      and also why does she have always have to dress 10 years older… sigh !

  20. Lolita at | | Reply

    I adore this! She looks great and has an edge! I love how she works with simple stuff and WOW for the weight loss :)

  21. naka at | | Reply

    LOVE the kurta! Want it!

  22. Priti at | | Reply

    Whats not to love…I want it…

  23. KK at | | Reply

    I don’t like it.. it looks like she’s getting ready to go to bed. It’s not something you wear out.

  24. Adi at | | Reply

    I think she looks lovely. The grey put me off a bit but it’s not that bad. At least someone is trying to develop their own sense of style and not imitate Hollywood.

  25. sv at | | Reply

    looks great,i think its very casual.grey looks fine too,its too casual and comfortable a look to pass comments on.its lovely.she looks great too.like her bangles.

  26. charan at | | Reply

    Those pants and shoes kill the whole look for me.

  27. PJ at | | Reply

    I like the kiurta but not the length of the kurta..

  28. Indian Girl at | | Reply

    Love the kurta !! I want one now !

    Q: what are the Indian ballet flats kinda shoes called ? I cant for the life of me remember the name.

    1. beans at | | Reply


      1. IG at | | Reply

        Mojris !! Yes Mojris !! Thank you beans & AM

  29. AM at | | Reply

    Indian Girl, it is mojri I think.

    Ms. Balan often gets a lot of flak on this site. Coincidentally I happened to be reading a TOI interview of hers where she talks about the ups and downs in her life. I know this site is essentially meant for fun but it does make you think that it rarely reflects or makes allowances for real life, the bad phases where you don’t feel like dressing up or just personal preferences with regard to clothes (Ms Balan for e.g. seems to prefer Indian).

  30. kajal at | | Reply

    Looking good Ms.Balan….she needs to thank Sabya for styling in Paa. Looks like his creation.

  31. Anita at | | Reply

    isnt there some fashion rule regarding how heavy the outfit is- length, sleeve length etc. and how closed or open the shoes are? would havethought an outfit like this needs airier sandals with toes showing

  32. jj at | | Reply

    Guys i think this look is part of her movie promotion? Considering Abhishek was also promoting the movie Paa in the white kurta pyjamas wish HHC would at least have mentioned that she is wearing one of the costumes of the movie. It is a Sabyasachi outfit. And don’t u think it is a welcome change from the matchy matchy combo’s done to death by everyone?
    P.S that is a long buttoned down shirt which she wears open with slips in the scenes from the songs being aired on T.V.

  33. mizfashion at | | Reply

    I would have given her 10/10 for the kurta and the big chunky bangles bu the grey contrast ruined the look. ://

    But I still believe that the look was a welcome change :D

  34. Rezia at | | Reply

    I love the contrast of the grey. Hair and make-up are spot on. She is soooo beautiful and I’m really glad she sticks to her personal style.
    She looks really really good in traditional things, so I’m glad we’re not seeing her in Herve Leger, Bebe minidresses etc.

  35. Among at | | Reply

    To me, this is Vidya’s best ever.

  36. Vandana at | | Reply

    I’m really liking this!!

  37. asf at | | Reply

    that’s wayyy too long…a little shorter would have been great.

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