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    *yawn* *yawn*

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    For a change, major love for the look as it has come together well.

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    so luminous she looks. love the hair!

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    Vidya = Snooze fest!

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    Doesn’t her left hand ache? It’s difficult to keep it frozen like that in that pose.

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    That fishtail looks like an giant insect climbing up her shoulder. Not a fan of this look.

    1. nikita at | | Reply

      I liked the braid when I saw it, but after reading your comment I had to change my mind. Does look like the falling skies alien bug on the shoulder.

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      Lol. Yes it does look like it. Plus i am so annoyed at that left arm permanent pose and those 3/4th sleeve blouse. Argggh.

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    This is a very popular sari from last year’s fashion in Calcutta. It is a pure ghicha silk sari … and this exact jute-like temple design is the Calcutta connection. I bet she picked it up from one of the regular non-designer stores in Calcutta.

    In fact, she has been spotted buying non-designer saris from Calcutta shops several times … so this is no surprise :). Love her for being so grounded

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      Thanks for the info. Its a gorgeous saree.

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      That’s some great info there, thank you. She looks well put together here after a really long time.

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