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  1. Dya at | | Reply

    I am almost dreading the comments that are going to be on this post- about how “ordinary” she looks. Honestly, I think this was more about making a statement- don’t let the handlooms or indigenous crafts die. I do wish she had chosen better (a better blouse?, a nice chunky necklace?), but love that Vidya is bucking a trend! I hope she finds and stays with her inner Nandita Das…earthy, ethnic:).

    Aside- Sabya is way too cute!!!

    1. anita at | | Reply

      omg he is adorable!!!

    2. Soumya at | | Reply

      on the contrary i would like to say how amazing she looked in a simple saree.I also noticed that she is looker slimmer and younger!

      1. debbie at | | Reply

        Ditto my feelings. Loving the sari and Vidya is looking exquisite. Love Sabya too :)

  2. Laveena at | | Reply

    Nice saree.

  3. pdaervo at | | Reply

    HEY! This is cotton and looks formal!
    She looks nice. Sabya seems like such a gentleman.

    1. amber at | | Reply

      there u go! u got what u were looking for! :)

    2. Monkey at | | Reply

      Sabya is sooo polite and down to earth. Sigh. They don’t make men like that anymore :)

    3. suchi at | | Reply

      how is this formal? very disappointed that she picked this to represent handloom:(

  4. shyba at | | Reply

    She looks good,Sabya…I support you on your vision abt Saree…Love

  5. sONAL at | | Reply

    Dowdy !!!
    Very plastic smile…not working !!!

  6. aishwarya at | | Reply

    she luks nice n dat sari bt it luks more of a behenji kind of luk

    1. spongy at | | Reply

      pnp…i dont understand y don u chuck these behnji kinda comments..is it so hard..?

  7. Flaneur at | | Reply

    ok i sense this is going to be alonger than usual comment…i had always liked Vidya Balan,right from the euphoria video days…i love classical beauty…kohl lined doe eyes,clean features…n it helped than she is a very gifted actress(i mean other than tabu the only other ‘mainstream’ actress that i can think of…n if please dont mention kajol…rani i might still concede..ok im digressing)…but after the hey baby sarotorial debacle n the subsequent flak she received(though coming as ity did from Manish Malhotra…well thats for another day)i think kind of unsettled her n in a desperate attempt to impress(who???)she went from one shoddy appearnace to another…reflected in her choice of films too….but of late i think she is growing comfortable in her own persona…her saree looks have all been very good…maybe not exciting,maybe not experimental,maybe not avant garde…but as long as she is looking good(which more often than not she does these days) n the clothes are nice who cares??i mean what is avant garde??lady gaga??…please i will die….
    n coming back to the lifw look…a bengal handloom saree(INR 650??thats what Sabya said right?),a rather fetching silver thumb ring and a LV clutch…bang on girl!!!
    its women’s day tomorrow….sisters lets do ourselves a favour by not expecting homogeneity…we are all different n lets celebrate that…i think the world is already reeling under enough intolerance and the obsessive need to blend/fit in…lets spare fashion from that ill…
    Boy…can i ramble or what????;)

    1. Stuti at | | Reply

      I love you for saying that! Especially the last part. Thank you so much. :)

    2. p at | | Reply

      Vidya looks great, and I love these kinds of inexpensive plain Bengal cotton saris myself. I only wish her blouse had been more interesting, and that she had draped the pallu better.

      Agree with Flaneur totally! I think she is coming into her own as a confident actress and I like the comment Sabya made about her. She doesn’t need to be a diva who dresses to set herself above the crowd, she is a warm person and at the end of the day, that and her talent sets her above others.

    3. neetu singh at | | Reply

      love love love ur comment

    4. Natasha at | | Reply

      Yay you! Totally agree.

    5. vidya at | | Reply

      Bang on Flaneur. My thoughts exactly. What is this behenji look and mod look? Am tired of hearing snobbish words like these.

      1. Foo at | | Reply

        It’s not as much snobbish as it is practical..

        Hey, you wanna dress indian, be my guest – it’s beautiful. But whoever said dressing traditional involved unkempt hair and tacky accessories? NOT TO MENTION THAT BLOUSE.

    6. Sparkle at | | Reply

      I agree…although I do wish Vidya would change it up a bit, I don’t like homogeneity (short tight dresses) either

    7. ms. meow at | | Reply

      Loved your comment. So very true. Love this girl’s confidence. Instead of spending crazy amounts of cash on some meaningless handbang, she picked up a worthwhile sari that she looks stunning in.

      I am so glad Sabya acknowledged her and her fashion re-birth. Wonder what MM has to say now??

      1. Yolk at | | Reply

        Instead of spending some amount on a mirror, she went and spent it on a ugly clutch, LV no less.

    8. Fashionluvver at | | Reply

      Thumbs up for your last comment! You need GUTS to be a bollywood actress and not wear an MM sari ! Hats off to Vidya!

    9. HHC Fan at | | Reply

      sisters lets do ourselves a favour by not expecting homogeneity…we are all different n lets celebrate that…i think the world is already reeling under enough intolerance and the obsessive need to blend/fit in…lets spare fashion from that ill…

      AGREEDDDD!!!! Absolutely!!!

    10. lavanya at | | Reply

      I am impressed! well said!

    11. Nam at | | Reply

      Agreed completely. I for one love how untouched by fashion her ethnic outfits are- a throwback to an earlier period (of Maduri, Rekha)…And agreed on the point of Kajol not being much of an actress. All I ever see her do is screech on screen and overact her “bubbly” act. I could never understand how she’s considered an actress of repute. Rani is definitely a good actor, similar to Madhuri. But, I like Vidya a bit more..Keep these outfits coming, Vidya.

  8. frutu at | | Reply

    d blouse cud b a lot lot lot better..sigh

  9. karishma at | | Reply

    i love the colour of the sari. the sari is nice too but i wish the blouse sleeves hadn’t been so long. i guess vidya has become extremely self concious and has lost all confidence in wearing something other than saris. we all have our comfort zones and i know plenty of girls who stick to black clothes or only shop from a couple of stores. i think it’s great she’s promoting traditional crafts and craftspeople.

  10. Shuchi at | | Reply

    Like the sari. I wish she had on a necklace to go with it. Not a fan of the hair.

  11. KS at | | Reply

    love the handloom saree ..and the price is bang on ..i remember mom buying such sarees from fabIndia.

    I heart Sabya!

  12. dn at | | Reply

    Hey, I have an almost similar saree and wore it (although draped better, better blouse and accessories) to Rangashankara in Bangalore and it had heads turning!! So more power to cotton sarees!!

    I so agree with Sabya’s take on Indian beauty.
    Vidya looks lovely.

  13. bongbabe at | | Reply

    i’m glad she is wearing a sari to fashion week whose price tag is closer to what i am used to seeing in the shops in my neighbourhood (i live in bengal). good for her!

    although, there’s no reason to wear the pleats so badly, is there?

  14. pavs at | | Reply

    well said by sabya, couldnt agree with him more! ….indian ppl need to take pride in themselves.

  15. Anubha at | | Reply

    Hey gals , i will be in in Grand Hyatt tom for dinner with a friend,
    Lemme know if we can catch up .

  16. kanika at | | Reply

    Love the color combination…

  17. Roshini at | | Reply

    I wish she had draped the saree better. She looks ok simple and nice. I still remember my younger lecturers from school – they wore these wonderful handloom sarees – that were so colorful and crisp.
    IMO pure cotton needs a little bit of starch else it looks to casual.
    I wish Vidya had also gone with a statement neck piece or earrings to balance out the simplicity of the saree.

  18. suchi at | | Reply

    it is great that she is owning this look. but, the blouse is awful and the top part pallu is a mess. it can be worn so elegantly. i love handloom but this is a disservice to handloom!

  19. FashionFetish at | | Reply

    i saw sabya resort collection.

    Crisp and highly developed !

  20. H at | | Reply

    It’s a mean thing to say but all I can see her as in that Saree with that ultra tacky clutch is a maid. Tacky saree, cheap long sleeved blouse, yuck hairdo and paten clutch? Really?
    To fashion week, I think not.
    Such a tired look for her above anything else.

  21. Nidhi at | | Reply

    Not at all good…if u r trying to give 100% ethnic look then I think lots of heavy accesories should go wid this simple saree…common girl ur attending a fashion fiesta…
    A complete mismatch …if so simple look then why that LV clutch…instead one should go for some traditional Indian handwork purse or tote

  22. marky at | | Reply

    i am all for supporting the cause of indian fabrics,art,craftsman, artisan etc …. but that does mean one can get away wearing an awful saree and an even awful draping …. trust me even the aunties in my neighbourhood wear better cotton sarees which are infact cheaper than Rs. 650 and they are much much older than vidya …. and her hair i this appearance is a total mess …. also vidya has a rather BEEG …. and hence her hair and make-up should never accentuate that…. n that is also what this appearance of hers does….

  23. marky at | | Reply

    * lol i wanted to say …. and her hair in this appearance is a total mess …… also vidya has a rather BEEG nose ….

  24. eclat at | | Reply

    She looks so lovely.
    This just reinforces my idea that, done well, nothing looks better on an Indian woman than a saree. Speaking from my own experience, no matter how fab I may (think !!) I look in jeans or dresses, I always get more compliments in a simple saree and chunky silver jewellery. In fact, if my profession didn’t involve so much running around, I’d be in one all the time.
    We can add stuff to it, or wear it so many different ways, change the fabric and colours- always works, except in Manish M’s case…;) Somebody sure got it right a couple of thousand years ago!!

  25. priya at | | Reply

    Unfortunately, not too many men seem to visit this website. I sooooooo would love to read what Indian men have to say about a beautiful woman looking so elegant and dignified in a sari.

    All the ‘aunty’ comments seem to be from the women, for some strange reason.

    1. KS at | | Reply

      yup!Arent we our own worst enemy :).

      1. McNonsense at | | Reply

        Elegant and dignified a sari maybe, but, unfortunately, that’s a far cry from what you could call Ms. Balan.

        No one here is taking away from the sari. It’s just her. The HAIR. The oh so hideous clutch.

        1. Foo at | | Reply

          Cause a guy wouldn’t take one look at that get up and scream aunty?!

  26. J at | | Reply

    This whole thing seemed so contrived. Like it was predecided she would wear a 650 Rs saree with an LV and he’d make a statement out of it. I love Sabya but I dont agree that Vidya has found her own. He’s just forcing her to believe this is the real ‘her’.

  27. HHC Fan at | | Reply

    I would also like to see Sabya promote Jamdani sarees! They are gorgeous and I think there is scope for more interesting designs/patterns.

  28. amna at | | Reply

    the unkept look is sooooo overrated when it comes to vidya! i liked her orange sari with the beads for filmfare but honey if you wear an un-ironed tacky sari, even the VERNIS is not gonna save the day! Such a BLAHHH moment!

  29. AM at | | Reply

    yup Vidya looks nice and good to see a simple and elegant Bengal saree, I lived in Kol for awhile and even the roadside cotton saris are lovely so good to see the designer high profiling them. It all looks quite retro, like the early 80s Indian revival (Festival of India, Shabana, Smita et al). Wish someone was doing a 50s revival though – I love those interesting blouses on Nargis, Madhubala et al. And hopefully, Indian retro doesn’t attract the epithet “behenji”!

  30. Sugar at | | Reply

    Another day, another dowdy look from Vidya. I still don’t get it ..how difficult is to tie a sari proper or run a comb through the hair?

    1. Bleh at | | Reply


  31. quirky at | | Reply

    she wears what she is comfortable in and what she likes !! awesome !!..also, not many people has this natural classic, beautiful face she has…love u vidya !!

    ohh and I prefer someone looking nice and simple anyday over “tacky and forced” !!

    also, bollywood generally (kind of) defines fashion in India..in that sense I prefer looks like “vidya” which gives the ordinary people a sense what they can do to pep up things with their ordinary clothes….less than 5 % in India can afford a designer dress anyway and even lesser percentage has a body to carry it off…..so in that sense i love “celebrities” taking their own sense of fashion to a more reachable level !! i love it !!

    *flaneur*..you inspired me to ramble lolll

    happy women’s day girls !! :)

    1. Bleh at | | Reply

      Hey, if she wanted to go all out earthy – she should’ve ditched the LV clutch.
      Don’t you think that kind of screams “designer”, albeit the fact that it’s fugly.

  32. R at | | Reply

    Love the saree. She looks great neck-up, as always. Just draping the saree right and wearing a better blouse would make this appearance SO much better.

  33. sony at | | Reply

    Her sari makes her look like kaam vali baai

  34. lazyU at | | Reply

    I think the Sari itself is very pretty but maybe this look could be polished up.. If she had her hair up I would love it!

  35. Hema at | | Reply

    Boy! You HHC gals are really provoking us with this, right? I have to put in my 2 cents here….nothing wrong with the saree – Rs. 600 or Rs.60,000 – who cares….whatever the cost of the saree, please wear it with some thought especially when you possess God-given natural beauty.

  36. Sud at | | Reply

    sabya’s doing a gr8 job and vidya’s looking nice (even though the pallu is horribly draped!!!) … i dont want to criticise, but somehow i feel the sari looks very bland..i am not bothered about the price, but y does it look old? if i wear to this office someday i wonder if anyone will give it a second look…i cannot think about wearing this to some jazzy function anyway…

  37. Noor at | | Reply

    Sabya, you are officially my hero! <3
    And Vidya looks great! Simple, not trying too hard..although just a teeny bit sloppy as far as her carriage goes!

  38. frutu at | | Reply

  39. Flaneur at | | Reply

    Hey girls….loved the comments to the comment….more power to us!!!
    PnP-where have you guys disappeared??recovering from the excesses,eh??;)

    1. Payal(HHC) at | | Reply

      Coming slowly back into the groove. So much to do but so tired too. :)

  40. akaa at | | Reply

    I love Sabyasachi and his work!!
    Vidya should be applauded for just choosing to wear something that doesn’t scream designer or expensive!! I agree, she doesn’t look her best here(face-wise, I think its the hair) , but still i’ll ignore that because she went to the Fashion Week dressed in a handloom sari!! She could have made the sari look more beautiful by not appearing so sloppy or so self-conscious!! It looks like they had planned this entire thing – and that’s not good!!
    Even then, they should be applauded for their efforts!!

  41. Ariel at | | Reply

    I think Vidya does a great disservice to the handlooms by draping one oh so atrociously.Look at Nandita Das,Shabana Azmi, Sharmila, Tabu, Arundati Roy or even Dia Mirza . These women are as much in the public eye as her. Is it so difficult to wear it like you really enjoy it? I mean Kareena looked way better in that Chanderi saree and that was just as non accessorised. Being simple doesnt mean looking drab especially at a fashion show. I am sure her mom would drape it really well for her if she asked nicely:p

    1. suchi at | | Reply


    2. Hema at | | Reply

      Ah…Thank you for your comment on this. I feel like I’ve been screaming forever about this penchant for wearing a saree so frumpily. Why does Sabya and Vidya and the whole clique think that Vidya is being oh so natural and down-to-earth and hence the new “cool” for wearing handlooms. Darling, you’re not doing any favor to anything or anyone when you wear any saree so badly. You should take lessons from an equally talented and beautiful Nandita Das who is a vision in simple but tastefully worn sarees. Or you can visit a college and learn from the lecturers who wear such lovely, crisply starched handlooms.

  42. Jay at | | Reply

    Vidya is the new Rani. Latest muse. Everyone clicks pictures of dames in Sabyasachi.
    After Ishiqa its almost like shes actually in another version of costume.
    I just wish they wouldn’t keep saying its ‘her’ or ‘her style’, because if it was her style then it wouldn’t have taken Sabya to show her that, she’d at some point in the past have been seen in this, I doubt shes ever walked around like this before films. So its not her style, its her stylist.
    The interesting part is that fashion is ever changing and evolving. Even Sabya’s resort collection this year shows him breaking some of his own rules… what is she going to wear when Sabya is done with her. Hide in Delhi like Rani or dare I say it… go back to…MM! :S

  43. Bleh at | | Reply

    Hey, all that’s missing in this picture is a plate of dirty dishes and a mop! :)

    Safe to say, she looks atrocious.
    If you can’t get her the dishes.. some one buy the poor lady a comb!

    1. Sugar at | | Reply

      Hahaha. Yes, total kaamvali!

  44. Sanjana at | | Reply

    Its a beautiful saree,and if only she had draped it better instead of like a house wife in the kitchen,and styled her hair better,she could have looked fab!

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