1. Vidya Balan is a great woman and is a fabulous actress. She looks gorgeous in her Sabyasachi’S and her Kanjeevarams. However, it leaves us wanting for more. I wish she would come out of her comfort zone once in a while and “Wow” us!

  2. What is so Sabyasachi about this? I’ve worn similar plain cotton Salwars with these cotton duppatas from Fab India.. Vidya is an idiot if she’s paying a bomb for these ‘designer’ duppatas & suits when Fab India retails them for a fraction and a local darzi will stitch the suit for the same. Unless Sabya gives it to her free…

  3. I like both her looks … a welcome break for her from heavy duty Sabyasachi saris. Is that Rekha with Vidya at the Kahaani screening?

  4. Nothing special about these looks. Wonder why she always gets a free pass wearing fugly foot wear? It’s good that it gets hidden when she wears saris.


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