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Skipping sari in lieu of an anarkali might have made for a change but, the best pick it was not.

The colors worked on her but that was about it. The hair was a downer and the neckline just doesn’t work. Not a fan.

Vidya Balan At At Dabboo Ratnani’s 2013 Calendar Launch

Vidya Balan

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. I adore the color and it looks really good on Vidya. I don’t have a problem with the deeeeeep neckline…boobs are well tucked in as far as I’m concerned. Love those earrings. Give this woman a break, she’s not petite and is comfortable enough to wear fitting clothes. Although she could have done something with her hair.

  2. She suddenly looks in-character for The Dirty Picture. She is bursting off the seams of her anarkali. The boob show is just not very classy. Very disappointed.

  3. I recently saw Kahani. And read the Vogue with VB on the cover. Which draws attention to the fact that perhaps a lot more folk may wear saris better than her but it was she who made it OK after a few years of gowns and the like. Still, this is a fashion site so regardless of Vidya’s abilities as an actress or on screen smouldering or trendsetting, its perfectly fine to criticise her often not quite good fashion choices.

    On the other hand the lady is a legend and beyond awesome in so far as her acting career is concerned so who cares what she wears or how she looks. Can’t wait to see what she does next – not on the fashion front but where it really matters – on the screen. Bring it on!

    • Amen to that, sister! This woman is just so talented that I could care less if she wore ugly velour track suits every where. But, yeah, this is a fashion site and everything is fair play. More power to you, Vidya!

  4. After her vogue cover, it seems that there is intent to expose her cleavage to amp up her sensuosness. Alas it don’t seem to be working, not in this bondage of a dress!

  5. Lovely colour, neckline is absolutely fine.. its the fit at the waist thats a bit off.. plus peeptoes or snadlas will uplift the look.. I hate wedge Kolhapuris


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