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  1. Nepali at | | Reply

    Yeah, looks similar, and the anarkali would have looked so much better if it were as the dresses.

  2. Anonymous at | | Reply

    looks very similar, but thank God Raveena is not dressing badly for once.

  3. Anonymous at | | Reply

    I think that dress is meant for someone a bit more lean. Its a nice one but sadly the earring don’t go with such an ornate dress. As it is, I think there is too much happening in that dress.

  4. Peeping Mode at | | Reply

    no, it’s a pretty traditional looking anarkali…obviously the dresses are just a westernized version of an afghan style embroidery…just cause the colors are SIMILAR, you shouldnt just assume she got the inspiration from them. besides, she looks great

  5. Anonymous at | | Reply

    Raveena looks frumpy and very matronly. Not a good look at all for her at all.

    That is blantant cheating where the designs are concerned. It is ridiculous.


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