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      same, who?

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    Pls don’t feature non Indian celebs.

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    The black dress is such a wannabe rip off to Blake Lively’s dress fort he Cannes

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    Who is very rightly asked!

    In any case this whole bunch is very very tackily dressed.
    Absolutely no iota of sophistication Mawra, Mahira et all.
    And No, it has nothing to do with their nationality.

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    Wow, shocked to see the anti-Pakistani undertones in some of these comments. Why so bitter, ladies?! Fashion is fashion, whether Indian or Pakistani. Don’t hate, APPRECIATE. I’m Indian btw.

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      Chill. There is no anti-Pakistani undertone here. She was only saying that she didn’t know who these girls were, considering that they are supposed to be celebs.

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      I agree. With some of these commentators, it’s really like, dish out bluntness and basically say whatever crass you want to say and at the end write “this is not to do with their nationality” as a cover-up defense. I’m an Indian and definitely do feel that a lot of Paki TV/cinema artistes are a lot better in terms of acting than some of the contemporary Indian actresses. Their industry is so minuscule that they lack bigger opportunities to showcase their talent.

      Hocane sisters again are brilliant actresses plus Mawra Hocane also made her bollywood debut recently! Why shouldn’t she be featured?

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    So tacky. And what’s with the poses? Hard to tell they are ‘celebrities’…. =/

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    Why the hate? Live and let live!
    P&P, Good job featuring these lovely girls. Maybe now that you covered them they will put in the extra effort ;)

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    Venus is so correct in saying that none of us are aware of these women nor are we inclined to follow their fashion sensibilities. While your point Payal , of ‘don’t like it scroll to the next’ is reasonable, there is no harm in catering to your core readership who have higher fashion standards and do not choose to fritter their time away on celebrities as these.
    I am sure P you would agree by the overall language, tonality and comprehension of fashion and style of your readers through their comments indicate they are not your average woman but very well educated, articulate ones. If they demand a certain standard of reporting I see no harm why you shouldn’t subscribe to their POV. ‘It’s my blog’ is pretty arrogant and juvenile a stance. Afterall how good is the blog without us readers.
    Why would you offend the readers by sounding so high and mighty and these ludicrous ‘ anti-Pakistan undertones’ and related comments are again so misplaced. Who even gives a damn.

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    Quite surprised at the direction some of the readers are headed. Its fine if you don’t know who these people are that’s fine, you can still appreciate/ criticize their fashion sense, since that’s what we are here for. I don’t know any of the socialites that get featured here but that doesn’t mean they should stop reporting on them.
    As a loyal follower of your blog, I would also say P&P, you could’ve put your point across Venus in a less adversarial manner, adding a smiley at the end of a hostile comment doesn’t make it friendly.

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    There are so many socialites who’ve been featured on this blog whom I wasn’t even familira of until I googled for them… But, people still critique just their appearance. So even though I didn’t know about Mawra Hocane I found out about her as I thought she is very pretty!!
    I am very surprised at some of the readers’ reactions. I for one would be happy to see P&P cover celebrities from Pakistan and other countries. And remember this is a BLOG and the authors can take it in any direction they want it to..

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    I’m Pakistani and as much as I’d love to see the likes of Mahira, Sanam Saeed, etc being featured here, I didn’t think these sisters needed to be featured as they look incredibly tacky pretty much at every event. It’s one thing to look at those who look elegant and appeal to the readers vs. those who are just mehh. Also having said that, I find P&P’s response to Venus extremely odd considering it is your VIEWERS on this blog that have made it as big as it is today. If you didn’t have your regular folks flocking here and commenting and what not, how successful would you have really been? So as much as I love the hints that ‘it’s our blog and we will do whatever’ (whether it’s here or in Sonam’s posts) it’s time for a reality check that it might be yours but your readers have put you out there and continue to do so, and yes, their opinions do matter.

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      I am a Pakistani and I dont mind that tacky Pakistanis also get featured. P&P features all sorts of celebs here. Having said this, I hope Meesha Shafi gest featured who wore Kamiar Rokini.

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    Egads P&P the women are angry and may i say rightly so.
    Firstly Anya and Donna hats off for putting it so well and bringing the whole issue into the right perspective. P&P Anya is right in adding that a hostile comment can’t be salvaged by a smiley. Donna is spot on in mentioning that you DO have to cater to your readers afterall let’s face it P&P the blog now is bigger than you two. Your explanation that we are introducing newer faces and threads is acceptable but if readers don’t want it, please refrain from shoving it down.
    Also while your posts are friendly but your responses to comments and POVs does smack of a high and mighty attitude.
    Anyways enjoy your morning and you still can do as you please, readers choice be damned; afterall it’s YOUR blog. ;-) Sorry couldn’t resist that one.

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    “Take one example, noone used to cover South fashion until we started focusing on them. I would like to believe we had a very HUGE part in them upping their game. -”
    I think payal this belief is hugely misplaced. You merely put up these posts, we THE READERS responded with our formidable skills and played a huge part. What if none of us responded would we be where we are today?
    Now don’t be a sour puss and post my comment.

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    I am really ashamed to see the responses of some of the fellow Indians. Why be so narrow minded? Fashion should be celebrated all across the South-East Asia, as it’s one of those handful things that make day-to-day struggle bearable for many of us. P&P, do continue to feature Pakistani celebs in your blog. Don’t back down by the comments of the haters. You are taking your platform to the right direction.
    P.S.- If you can,please post celeb pics from a regional film industry like bengali too. Kolkata has some lovely designs and fashion conscious celebs to offer.

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    I am a pakistani and do follow your blog .Thank you pnp, I was happy when you featured pakistani actresses in some posts (3 to be exact). But after reading the nasty comments its better not to feature them .I guess from now on will just read your posts and not really bother with reading the comments from “very educated , articulate ones ” and “who demand a certain standard of reporting” .. BUT just one thought , what about the standard of comments ?

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      what about the standard of comments ?
      lovely question…
      Ans: Dont expect! People dont speak only fashion, in this cross cultural post i guess!

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    Dear P&P, you guys are what I would imagine if handloom saris were to be personified; classy, earthy,creative, true to the roots yet refreshing ( please forgive my over-flowery analogy but I tend to think in abstract metaphors). I love you guys for always keeping it respectful and fashion-oriented, always wanting the ladies and gentlemen to be well justified by the clothing they choose. I loved this post and I try not to comment too often because I am completely smitten and biased when it comes to your blog.
    A sincere admirer,

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    Vote with your fingers, gentle readers. If a certain post is of no interest, move on without clicking/ commenting. The bloggers will get a feel accordingly as to what kinds of posts can they sell more ad space on. Peace out.

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    Okay now that you are featuring Pakistani celebs, please feature Hina Rabbani Khar.

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      Good idea. They should also feature Nawaz Sharif’s daughter especially Maryam Nawaz.. My My, she is one beauty!

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        Yeah checked Maryam. She looked classy.

        1. BlueBells at | | Reply

          :D Yes she is!!!

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    i’m glad you are featuring pakistani actors/celebs. some of them are very well-dressed, imo. and i agree with the other commentators who’ve mentioned the quality of the acting/script in pakistani tele-serials. so much better than a lot of our overblown, overdone spectacles.
    i do not much care for the dressing sense of the Hocane sisters, but there are a lot of well-heeled pakistani celebs who i’d love to see featured, notably meesha safi.

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    I see so many of the regular commentators are Pakistani now, i think that’s what payal meant. The traffic to their website is visible only to them.

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      I’m not a Pakistani. I am Indian

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    That black gown is Isabel Sanchis?
    More like a rip-off of the custom gucci première dress which Blake Lively wore at the Captives movie premiere at the Cannes film festival. (Try finding that dress online it looks like an absolute copy)
    It seems as if the maker couldn’t bone the corset of the like the original design like Blake wore, so had to add those roughly finished straps
    Hope Gucci is not suing this designer

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    Well, i have been a silent reader of all your articles, and i very much appreciate you covering south india fashion and pakistani fashion, or hollywood.
    You are right, most of the bollywood stars are playing it safe and stick to their persona of style, so sometimes it can be tad boring, its like they are wearing the same clothes, different fabric, different designers, never had i seen in the last 100 pages, someone wearing a dhoti style with so much elan like Ayesha Omar in Shehla Chatoor.

    P.S i am an Indian, who is a south indian by birth, and but i love watching pakistani serials by choice,their style is just impeccable in their serials.
    P.P.S Great work.

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