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  1. $ at | | Reply

    I dont like kaftans at all..they look like nightwear gown to me !!!

  2. Shina at | | Reply

    I like it a lot. Nice combination of colors adding glow to an already glowing face.she looks happy and content.

  3. hsdhs at | | Reply

    at the same event mansi joshi roy, also wore a pria kataria puri dress!! please post!!

  4. Fi at | | Reply

    She’s glowing and I like the colour combination of the Kaftan but not how the white print sits around the bust area..but she looks nice :)

  5. sukh at | | Reply

    Aww, new moms get a pass. It must be really hard to dress yourself when your body is changing so much. I like this kaftan on her.

  6. Person at | | Reply

    Don’t be so harsh P and P! She has just delivered a baby, and no one would think of which dress would suit their body type the most then

  7. Zeena at | | Reply

    That makes her boobs look saggy

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