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  1. moni at | | Reply

    D minus for all the pics

  2. racket at | | Reply

    Is this a new style statement – tucked in shoulderless top?

  3. malini at | | Reply

    she is looking better.. but i don’t like the tucked in look.. plus are those hair extensions..it’s way too long..
    her face looks fresh though

  4. pdaervo at | | Reply

    YAY..but her hair looks totally fake
    Nina has the attitude to carry off most things though

  5. suchi at | | Reply

    she looks great always, very confident. if her hair is real, it is awesome

  6. moni at | | Reply

    Yikes !
    The flowing top looks like a “Jhabla ” that my mom made for my newborn daughter.

  7. moni at | | Reply

    Actually the “Jhabla” had both the sleeves.

  8. minal at | | Reply

    Why does she have it tucked in, I think it would have looked better out. Unless its a really long top.

  9. Surbhi at | | Reply

    why is her face so oily and hair sooo straight?

  10. anoo at | | Reply

    she looks gr8…is the hair real?

  11. BLT at | | Reply

    She’s a model – she really should know better than to go with shiny makeup if she knows she’s going to get clicked.

  12. Shar at | | Reply

    why does she always have her hands tucked into her jeans? reminds me of priyanka chopra’s one favourite pose.

  13. Shar at | | Reply

    read on another site (that borrows heavily from this site) that her jeans are from saks fifth avenue.

  14. the mad momma at | | Reply

    so she ditches the jeans and then tucks in her top and gets hair extensions. its like she goes out of her way to sabotage whats going for her.

  15. xx at | | Reply

    i think it would be another YAY if she stopped that pose with her hands in her pockets!!!

  16. Nadia at | | Reply

    I really like her new pair of jeans, they are a nice colour and fit her very well. The top would’ve looked better if it wasn’t tucked in or she wore a skinny, shiny belt.

  17. achala sachdev at | | Reply

    Shes looking older.

  18. Baboo at | | Reply

    well she is about 36.

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