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  1. star at | | Reply

    gosh…manish malhotra’s designs are so contrived and OTT…I guess no one told him sometimes less is more. more and m ore is really a bore.

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  3. Trisha at | | Reply

    Agree! The outfit needs structure and contrasting colors..the earrings are OTT..I’m struggling to find Urmila in the midst of the pink haze :-)

    1. sheetal at | | Reply

      totally agree ! there shudve been contrasting colours

  4. S at | | Reply

    I think she actually looks nice.

    1. Jay at | | Reply

      She does look nice – I agree x

    2. Nidhi at | | Reply

      She really looks good…everything is just so perfect :)
      LOVED IT :)

  5. sulky at | | Reply

    Whats with the terrible terrible hair color? Cant look beyond it.

  6. charan at | | Reply

    i wod wear it for a wedding but nowhere else. The hair style is dated.

  7. Sim at | | Reply

    Utter chaos – from head to toe.

    1. diptiN at | | Reply

      I agree

  8. monika s at | | Reply

    love urmila…hate d outfit…

  9. Anushka at | | Reply

    I actually quite like it. Kinda a wedding-appropriate look.

  10. Amber at | | Reply

    The dupatta is beautiful, the top part of the dress looks nice as well.

  11. voldemort at | | Reply

    ahhh so long ago were the days when urmila used to dress like a normal person.

  12. SLC at | | Reply

    Colour of outfit is nice. Otherwise MM sighting should not be shown on this website because for the past 10-15 years his clothes have not differed at all.

  13. herdisnot at | | Reply

    A classic is timeless, a period piece means it is of a particular time, THIS PIECE IS OUTDATED anytime! Unless it is a circus tent. Urmila has really done herself a major disservice!

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  15. priya at | | Reply

    this is totally chaotic. i wish stars would quit dressing like christmas trees while attending weddings. OTT is not cool anymore. really.

  16. kasthuri at | | Reply

    Well i like the anarkali but just not on her. Someone taller might have pulled it off better.

    And yucks to her hair colour !! Add to the Ash, Kangna brigade.. Why do woman pay money to look ugly !

  17. monika agarwal at | | Reply

    Some changes & this would be a gorgeous dress

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  19. LCoodly at | | Reply

    I think this look is restrained compared to many other “suits” worn at celeb weddings. I love the color and do not have a problem with the design. However- Orange Hair, get out of town! Please.

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