Sonam Kapoor On People: (Un)Covered

Styled by her sister Rhea Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor looked pretty darn fabulous on the cover of People magazine’s latest issue.

Below are the images from the feature. Our favorite is the one in Anupamaa sari by the pool. Love it!

To read the interview, don’t forget to pick up the issue on stands!

Sonam Kapoor For People Magazine, May 2012 In Morphe By Amit Aggarwal

Left: Rimzim Dadu Top, Anupamaa Bandeau Blouse, Sabbah Sharma Skirt And Aditi Bhatt Jewelry
Right: Sabbah Sharma Dress, Zara Hat, Curio Cottage Earrings, Bracelet & Collar & Suhani Pittie Necklace & Cuffs.

Left: Sari By Anupamaa, Curio Cottage Earrings, Only Sunglasses, Anusha Lalwani Clutch & Ritika Sachdeva Bangles.
Right: Shehlaa Khan Dress, Only Shirt, Suhani Pittie Earrings, Ritika Sachdeva Necklace, Anusha Lalwani Bag & Periwinkle Sunglasses.

Photo Credit: People

26 Responses

  1. Jyoti at | | Reply

    Sonam has this aura about her. Anyone can wear these clothes but she really knows how to carry them well!

  2. tosh at | | Reply

    I like the second one. she looks auntyish in the anupama sari. anyway, isnt this a lil too much for people mag?

  3. Ritu at | | Reply

    Cant find a fault in any….. Its perfect…. Loved the saree especially!!!

  4. Angira at | | Reply

    she looks amazing in this ! love the cover and all the scans too specially that sari and the one with the multi coloured skirt !

  5. RUCHii at | | Reply

    WOW times 5 ! The girl looks great in all the pics..
    this will be another eventful post.. ;)

  6. saby at | | Reply

    Love the easiness about her style. she always looks terrific.

    1. Pooja at | | Reply

      rightly said! :)

  7. Orchee at | | Reply

    I like her in the yellow bandeau and skirt look and the cover, as she looks great and they seem well thought out in terms of styling, the others look a bit like sisters playing dress up (in all fairness, I guess thats what it was)

  8. Lea at | | Reply

    Love the look in Yellow. Well put together.

  9. suzy q at | | Reply

    Love the sari…where can I get it? (I live in Australia!) It’s a good photo shoot, melikes.

    1. Inihos at | | Reply

      Anupamaa has a website… perhaps you could email her.

  10. DiptiN at | | Reply

    There is no denying the fact that she has changed the face of fashion in Bollywood. Every magazine cover she does ups the scale a notch. I love her sense of style. She wears the clothes really well, experiments with different looks and the majority of the times looks great, which is not an easy task.

  11. Beena at | | Reply

    Terrific styling!! looks effortlessly super! Kudos to Rhea Kapoor for the styling

  12. Sue at | | Reply

    Stunning! She can carry of anything effortlessly.

  13. Natasha at | | Reply

    stunning, so sonam kapoorish!

  14. saby at | | Reply

    can she PLEASE wear sabyasachi at cannes

  15. saby at | | Reply

    like a sheer sari with full sleeve blouse. or something on those lines. loved her shehla k sari at florence

  16. shab at | | Reply

    dont like the hair on the cover, otherwise love all of them, especially the one with the yellow scooter, lol!

  17. trying too hard at | | Reply

    awesome clothes – she looks fab etc etc – but doesnt she look a tad tired – too little sleep and all

  18. mesta at | | Reply

    The best part about the entire shoot is that its much less photoshopped than most of the others

  19. Aditi at | | Reply

    Amazing styling! Nobody in Bollywood can carry these clothes with such effortless style! Love the look in the yellow skirt and the cover the most.

  20. z at | | Reply

    She looks lovely on the cover but that outfit is just silly. Makes no sense.

  21. Jay at | | Reply

    Sonam looks FAB.

    But… dislike how you promote the mag. We know its People and if shes on it, we know there is an interview. We also know we gotta buy it to read it. Pluggin it just because its sonam is just…I give up (and I am a huge Sona fan).

  22. Food poisoned attorney at | | Reply

    Love the pics, she looks great but I frankly have had an overdose of her this month…Harpers, now People!!! Its like they just don’t have anyone else…alternating between movie stars all the time.

  23. D at | | Reply

    fabulous!!!!! love the cover the most .. but all are brilliant!

  24. mash at | | Reply

    Sorry I think she looks awkward on the cover. The one with the yellow scooter is lovely.

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