1. can’t agree with previous posters who believe she’s looking good. the all-fitting ensemble shows off her new bod well, but spells a certain word beginning with t and ending with y. the attitude doesn’t help. overall, this is a miss for me.

  2. She has got her figure back! Good going!

    I like the patterned scarf, it breaks the monotony but I’d have preferred it longer. Don’t like the earrings much.

  3. the top is boring and does not fall in the decent category either. The scarf definitely kills the whole look. Could not get a view of her handbag to give a more elaborate rating.

  4. its a great scarf and she wears it well. Take away the earrings and add on a bag matching the scarf..and you have it.

    This is anyway WAAAAY better than the horrors she wears in her films.

  5. bod looks great, face looks nice, but that Burberry scarf, worn with casual jeans and boots is just kinda dated and hope she was going to see a movie, not to a big event.

  6. Eww cant believe so many ppl liked this look..To me it looks very wannabe-ish! I’d like to see more of that bag though! which bag is it?

  7. she would have looked great if she wore a red scarf and kept the earrings at home! the shoes should have been a darker brown for a more varied colour palate because everything looks beige and boring right now! other than that she looks gorgeous!

  8. And she wraps around a beautiful “burberry”
    scarf like that….disaster!! I own a burberry and looking at how log they are in real life..must say her’s is a fake????


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