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  1. Maya at | | Reply

    Wow! That’s a lot of activity going on here! Busy blazer, huge necklace, ill-fitted jeans, ugly wedges. Hmmm can’t find anything to like here.

  2. Colormenot at | | Reply

    I feel it’s a bit clashing. The color of jeans, the jacket and the gold jewels and shoes.
    That Jeans replaced with something else – plain light colored fitting cotton pants – might have been better.

  3. Deepti Parthiv at | | Reply

    Love the accessories, not the biggest fan of the jacket. How beautiful does she look?

  4. shwetha at | | Reply

    It would have completely worked if she had only skipped the Dvf Jacket that looks more like a Charter club jacket from Macys.

    With the busy print on the jacket, the beautiful albeit an eyeful to take necklace, and then to top off the ring just made it for a very chaotic look. The open hair made it even worse. A rare miss for Twinkle, at an all important launch!
    On an aside, she writes so well on her columns!!

  5. Neetu at | | Reply

    Love her look. Am such a fan of her and her entire family. Please de-code Rinke Khanna’s look also .

  6. anna at | | Reply

    She’s a writer now, she can dress as she likes and get away with it. Creative people have that non-conformist rebel in them to not follow 1-2-3 of the fashion rulebook.

    On a different note, P&P and other lovely ladies here, I’ve been visiting and commenting for a while and I’m doing it 4 days before a very very very important day, only because its like catching up with friends over coffee. Thanks for unintentionally being a source of comfort during this trying time. And if I can be a little greedy, please pray for me. :)

    1. Deepika at | | Reply

      Hi Anna, good luck with your big day ! I hope things work out the way you want..:)

    2. Fashionvibe at | | Reply

      Will happily pray for you Anna! Hope all goes well.

    3. nkb at | | Reply

      I hope what you wish for comes true Anna. I will pray for you. :)

    4. Melange at | | Reply

      Good luck Anna!

  7. Fashionvibe at | | Reply

    The white top and jeans with a plain blazer would have been cleaner. Twinkle, like the rest of her 90s brigade, lost her fashion mojo when we moved into the 2000s

  8. Tehi at | | Reply

    She can and has done much better….kinda disappointing

  9. JA at | | Reply

    Love the look.. Lusting for the necklace.. Sigh!

  10. Supreetk at | | Reply

    Love her non- conformist attitude when it comes to dressing up. Can’t possible think of anyone else who could make it work. She owns the look

  11. Asha at | | Reply

    This would have been a superb look if she would have done without the jacket, and tied back her hair. A rare miss from her.

    I love her column in TOI though :-)

  12. Lalitha at | | Reply

    Love Twinkle’s dress sense but would have given the necklace a skip. Otherwise she looks great. Would have loved to see a full length of what Dimple had on–what a gorgeous woman!

  13. sonal at | | Reply

    ill fitted jeans, jacket and jewellery are clashing bit much.. on another note can we see a pic of the gorgeous lady cut out from the pics

  14. adya at | | Reply

    Not that elegant, too blingy star wife, rather. She is increasingly channeling her mother, but, that red hair really suits no body. Love her writing though – -hope the book is good, anyone read it?

  15. Mia at | | Reply

    I like everything she’s wearing even though I know it’s not that much fashion forward. But we can’t all be fashion forward all the time. What I don’t like here is her hair colour.

  16. Melange at | | Reply

    Like most of the commentators here, I’d have left the jacket out and gone for skinny jeans. Keeping both the jacket and the necklace (which looks great btw) seems like a bit much. She looks good nevertheless.

  17. Ruchi at | | Reply

    Normally love her sense of style but this ensemble is just aging her. Should have skipped on the big hair and worn a different pair of shoes

  18. Sup at | | Reply

    This is veering off-topic, but doesn’t Mrs. “xyz” imply “xyz” is associated with the husband?
    Shouldn’t it simply have been Ms. Funnybones?
    and ironically from what I have read/seen, her hubby has zero sense of humor.

  19. Avani at | | Reply

    The only celeb I have had the same bias as P&P is with Ms Khanna. :P She looks good even though the look is so cluttered.

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