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  1. Missy Mochi at | | Reply

    love Twinkle’s clutch!

  2. Puja at | | Reply

    luvin twinkle’s dress n clutch…
    mappep lookin so fab

  3. Puja at | | Reply

    * typo
    its Maheep

  4. Nish at | | Reply

    Loving twinkle’s look.. she’s very classy & super stylish… the other two come off as tryin toooooo hard!! Blah.

  5. sumiii at | | Reply

    the clutches are simply wow! all the ladies loook goood too, love twinkle especially!
    ms deol could’ve done w’out those earrings though ..

  6. Addictedtofashion at | | Reply

    I just noticed that the dress Maheep is wearing perfectly mirrors the bag – predominately black edged with lovely colours.

    In my opinion Maheep is the sure hit and it is the most classic look of the three. Love love love her look : )

  7. Fashiondiva at | | Reply

    Maheep FOR SURE.

    I think hers is the most modern and sophisticated interpretation of a minidress….and she accessories the dress really well, love the heels, and of course the clutch and the big watch.

  8. wiwi at | | Reply

    Tania deol as usual never dissapoint us. A real fashionista. she comes from a very rich family . So class is familair to her.she has a very simple yet sophisticated look. The other two look as if trying too hard. and we are fed up of the same dresses on dimple the woman is classy but repetitive and the look starts to be borring

    1. bins at | | Reply

      although tania looks great, money doesn’t buy class.

    2. Ann at | | Reply

      Do you mean twinkle?? She looks amazing?? Cant even wonder how people can be complaining about her style!!! she is definitely one of the most graceful ladies featured on HHC and dresses best to her body type.

      I do not mind her being repetitive with her classy choices…I rather have her as in..As for experimentation..I do feel she does vary a bit…not a drastic experimenter but she experiments as far as she knows she can go. and thats great for her.

    3. Joy at | | Reply

      “Tania deol……..A real fashionista. she comes from a very rich family . So class is familair to her. ” wiwi

      I think all three of these ladies come from very good families.

      But in any instance since when did rich equal class?

      I have seen just as many young women on student budgets (as wealthy women) look fresh, trendy, classy or fun; as well as the other way around.

      Money and class are independent of each other. Thank heavens for the middle class mere mortals amongst us…..there is hope for us yet.

      1. SK at | | Reply

        totally agree!
        a lot of celebs we see here… who “come from money” have such bad dressing sense… and a lot of students / housewives / middle aged mums / rock their Rs80 clutches from fashion street!

  9. sv at | | Reply

    I think tanya’s dress looks a little too crumpled.I think Twinkle looks great,inspite of that school tunic silhouette of the dress and Maheep looks the best – dess/clutch/shoes wise.

  10. Shi at | | Reply

    I love the knot.

    On an aside P& P did you guys hear about the BV India knot that was released exclusively for their boutique in Mumbai. There are a total of 25 pieces made and the price is Rs. 1.5 lakhs!

  11. sheera 2 at | | Reply

    maheeps dress is okay,Tania looks fab,she truly has effortless style and a great face .

  12. mickey cat at | | Reply

    Hate tinas frock

  13. lovefashion at | | Reply

    To be stylish you need a lot of RESTRAINT, restraint, and then some more restraint.

    The white dress looks like a lost in translation interpretation (think Bill Murray in Tokyo). The outfit is a mix of Japanese origami with cowboy western. The white dress on its own could have looked good, but we will never know.

    The yellow dress – I don’t get the short mini with the red-riding hood cape style. I really like the print and the colours, but just not in this form.

    The black dress – in terms of demonstrating restraint this is the better of the three outfits.

    1. gaga at | | Reply

      very well said…esp. the restraint part, which most rich indian women don’t have.

  14. Carol at | | Reply

    Why have you not posted Sonam’s picture? She was wearing a bad outfit – like something from the 80s.

  15. Meena at | | Reply

    Imagine ROME – The Year is 61 AD

    I cannot get the image out of my mind – The white outfit looks like a Roman politician on the way to the Roman bath house (perhaps after a brief visit to the colosseum).

  16. KK at | | Reply

    I love the color of Twinkle’s dress and how she accessorized it with the gorgeous clutch and heels.

    But do you guys see how all these “high society” women look/dress exactly the same?! Same hair cut, same short dresses, same BV clutches. BLAH – BORING!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Namrata at | | Reply


    1. S at | | Reply


  18. Veera at | | Reply

    Are bottegas on sale….

  19. Puja at | | Reply

    Maheeps hair looks fried….eeks

  20. gaga at | | Reply

    all three look okay. wish tina and tania had pulled back their hair to show the shoulder details/drapes of their dress. the hair is a distraction.
    all knots are fab. difficult to choose one.

  21. MJ15 at | | Reply

    All three are okay,none getting me excited.Would also want to know where the bottega sale is or are they for free,cause everybody has one

  22. DIVA at | | Reply


  23. Blinky at | | Reply

    Tina Bottega Veneta Knot clutch is the best, but her dress is too short it draws away the color and style of dress. She is a mature classy woman these styles minis do not look good on her. Same with the black top and flower designs bottom she wore not too long ago it was too short!

    I agree, they all look similar or copy each other!

  24. S at | | Reply

    Santa, all I want this Christmas is Twinkle’s wardrobe. I know times are tough so I don’t expect new clothes just a simple raid and transfer will do *runs off to daydream*

    1. Ann at | | Reply

      I know…Il settle for even parts of it!!! a few dresses and her lustworthy bags and clutches ;)

  25. kinky at | | Reply

    Iam not a fan of Maheep,Tina or Tania’s dresses,but Tania does look the nicest,very unaffected and chic.

  26. Joy at | | Reply

    If I had to choose one clutch out of the three options, I would have chosen Maheeps black one.

    If you are going to spend that much money I would go for the clutch that was fit two main criteria. It should be noticeable; as well as being the most classic/versatile/all rounder, day or night option.

    Although I like all three clutches; I think the clutch that fits the above criteria the best is Maheeps choice of the black with colour trim option.

  27. emer at | | Reply

    Tania looks wow.
    Twinkle is a little less wow than she is usually but still looks good.
    Maheep is forgettable.

  28. PM at | | Reply

    I think all of them look good. I love Twinkle’s dress, fun and flirty plus she carries it to so well.

  29. SK at | | Reply

    my fav bottega knot is the bright orange one that preity carried … maybe coz she carried it so well!
    love maheep’s shoes!

  30. kinky at | | Reply

    Maheep manages to look presentable for a change,the other two women look nice

  31. Antonia at | | Reply

    I love both Twinkle & Tania’s dresses but I am not a fan of brown/tan accessories.
    So it’s Maheep for me.

  32. debbie at | | Reply

    Tania Deol is looking wow!! loving her look the best

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