In Kay Unger


Ideally, we should end our reporting of HDIL Couture Week 2010 with this post because this look of Twinkle is what we’ve been yearning for someone to give us all these days.

Twinkle looked divine in the white Kay Unger sheath. Thankfully, she didn’t wear the red belt that came with the dress to match the McQueen Union Jack clutch. The clutch stood out better without the belt. Thank you so much Ms. Khanna for this look! Love. Love. Love.

P.S. We are kidding about the Couture Week reporting. There are many many more left. :P

Left: Twinkle Khanna at HDIL Couture Week 2010, Day Five
Right: Kay Unger Sleeveless Dress

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


      • Ditto..Not a look to die for as P&P says..It’s good but not great. The dress looks very plain and not liking the clutch with this dress. I think white is not her color. Much prefer Suzanne’s black look over Twinkle’s white.

  1. She looks chic and elegant! Love Twinkle’s style (oh, ok, and her husband too…love him…sigh!) and she can teach the people who attended the HDIL week a thing or two about fashion and style!

  2. She is always well dressed and sophisticated! Pretty woman. Lovely dress. I wonder if its available in any other colour. Coral would look awesome on her.


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