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  1. annie at | | Reply

    I just love her hair!!!

    1. beans at | | Reply

      me too! both dimple and twinkle have really fab hair…

    2. PJ at | | Reply

      I envy it :-)

  2. Sej at | | Reply

    God I love this woman. She hardly ever goes wrong. I feel the clutch/shoes go better with the second look but she looks equally awesome in both. Akki is one lucky man.

  3. pdaervo at | | Reply

    LOVE the idea of nude pumps with the shalwar…the clutch (which I have loved for a while) is sort of out of place with the traditional outfit, but tis a minor issue

    1. mary at | | Reply

      Yeah I can so imagine cheap, silver sandals on someone else. she totally rocks it. go twinkle!

  4. pdabre at | | Reply

    interesting comparison… I love the second look…no specific reason… its just that it s isually more pleasing to me

    1. koel at | | Reply

      I agree ! I want one ! I need one !

      Love the dress by Abu Sandeep !! Love all her accessories ( I mean all including the one which is just showing a little bit on the left..drool drool slurp drool ……….)

      Actually she can keep the dress and give me that ….;-)

      OK ! so, what were you saying about the purse and the sandals ?

      1. MojitoLover at | | Reply


      2. Stuti at | | Reply

        You get THAT accessory, all the others become yours, by default, and well, spending. :D

  5. jujunye at | | Reply

    she never /hardly goes wrong… well i wish she did good in movies but then its ok… she is better than way many actresses in terms of dressing up… she knows whats in !!!

  6. akaa at | | Reply

    I just love this woman!!
    And she looks so so pretty in the traditional outfit!

  7. JP at | | Reply

    both looks are stunning… but I think I like her better in the second one…love the clutch..

  8. shyba at | | Reply

    Anyway the clutch has helped her in hiding the awkward front slit of the kameez…

  9. monika at | | Reply

    Love her in both versions but I so love the indian outfit. It looks gorgeous.

  10. Lalitha at | | Reply

    Love love Twinkle and her outfits!

    1. KK at | | Reply

      me too!!! She looks awesome in both the pictures!! I wonder if she’s ever considered being a stylist!

  11. Kay at | | Reply

    Both look good, but the second one is better, the contrast offered by the accessories works better there; in the first, it is kind of lost, and the clutch detracts.
    On an aside, a friend and I were discussing what colors went best with purple, i guess we got one answer from the lady

  12. Such at | | Reply

    Hmm, not a fan of pumps or any kind of closed shoes with Indian clothes.

    1. vin at | | Reply

      i agree except for mojris .. no other closed shoes look good with indian wear..

    2. diptiN at | | Reply

      I agree, I am just not a fan of closed shoes with anything by a LBD, pants or more formal clothing. I do LOVE her clutch.

  13. mary at | | Reply

    she seems to have lost weight in the second picture. Eitherways she is lovely.

  14. lurverlurver at | | Reply

    she’s gorgeous in both!!!!..although a nice pair of stilettos would go well with the indian outfit///

  15. annies at | | Reply

    god how lucky is this woman…..killer looks, killer body, awesome fashion sense, great career, rich, beautiful gorgeous herself and a rich, gorgeous, successful hubby to boot!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why is this not me god……………………….

  16. maya at | | Reply

    the second one. she looks so much more feminie there. love the *common guy accessory* on her arms in both the pictures too :)

  17. kaya at | | Reply

    I love how she does both western and ethnic with equal grace and élan… she’s very savvy and has a fantastic aesthetic. She knows what she’s going for and achieves it.

    Thank god for her on this site!

  18. RashmiD at | | Reply

    I’d have to go with the first, actually. She looks great in both but I prefer the first one… I think it’s ’cause of the colour; it looks great on her!

  19. MANGOgrl at | | Reply

    Mrs Kumar, you are a stunner and so stylish. I have seen the change in Akshay with time since he’s married to twinkle.

    She has made him sophisticated and have brought the aura of topclass in him.

  20. CD at | | Reply

    She looks like a younger, slimmer version of herself in the second picture. Looks great in both outfits but looks more effortlessly beautiful in the second one…

  21. Vanaja at | | Reply

    Gals, did you notice she is wearing the same ear rings in both the pics, minuis the hanging in the second pic. She looks stunning either way……….I do not think the pumps go well with our traditional clothes.

  22. DeLight at | | Reply

    Twinkle looks ETHEREAL!! <3 both the looks!!

  23. zara at | | Reply

    I actually love pumps with churidar outfits, simply because they parallel the “straight/skinny jeans with pumps” look. But then again, I’m not a fan of the type of sandals usually worn with Indian clothes (i.e. thong-style sandals). I love the second outfit, though I can’t exactly pinpoint what I love about it. It just works so well!

    In any case, I think it’s wonderful that Twinkle looks equally at ease in both outfits.

  24. shez at | | Reply

    whats shoes are these..can nebody ID them for me?

  25. Najina at | | Reply

    Awesome. I like her attitude even more.

  26. Nick at | | Reply

    i like the abu-sandeep more than the purple outfit. The clutch and pumps are ok but the pumps work better with the indian outfit.

  27. Kiwi at | | Reply

    I prefer the firts look since I do not like pumps with Indian clothes. The churidaar is lovely though

  28. Tina at | | Reply

    fab fab fab! this woman is gorgeous!
    hasn’t she lost even more weight?…since th KI movie bash… compare the pics, she looks much fuller (in a healthy way)in the first pic…

  29. manisha at | | Reply

    This woman is impeccable. That is all.

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