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    The clutch is gorgeous. Oooh there is so much aqua green in the dress that the red and gold in the clutch is drowning! Never thought Twinkie would have a bad day :(

  3. SS at | | Reply

    Why is Twinkle looking weird? Im wondering if its the makeup….dislike such cluthes..not my style at all….

  4. Tina at | | Reply

    This is so indi jones- temple of doom! love it!

    1. _*Dia*_ at | | Reply

      haha….bang on! i had similar thoughts!

  5. deewani at | | Reply

    wow I would have never thought of pairing aqua with gold..but it works wonderfully here

  6. Anu at | | Reply

    I think its the necklace that is all wrong. Love the clutch!

  7. KK at | | Reply

    I think the clutch is too fancy for this casual dress.
    Is it me or this dress look more blue than green?!

  8. Stuti at | | Reply

    I LOVE the clutch. SO beautiful. I think I’d like it better without that skull clasp, feels so unnecessary.

    1. nalini at | | Reply

      but the skull is what makes it an alexander mcqueen clutch

      1. Stuti at | | Reply

        True. But the ornate brass on red will look better with a nicer, less loud clasp.

  9. Flower Power at | | Reply

    why is she dressing in such awfully shapeless clothes these days?

  10. kish at | | Reply

    the dress makes her look much bigger than she is. does not suit her.

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    I would have liked it if it was a shorter dress is in the same colour. The clutch is pretty.

  12. shriya at | | Reply

    the dress and necklace are doing nothing for her. it’s rare to see twinkle have an off day.

  13. TumHum at | | Reply

    Ohh…loving the clutch…this women must spend a lot of time buying accessories and thinking how to look good…its working…she looks amazing almost everytime

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    Elegant as usual but the make up + hair and then the accessories… becomes too harsh. Maybe a little more natural in terms of make up would help and maybe a change with the hair…

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    omg! gorgeous clutch. I Want.

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    She looks gorgeous. Love the elegance

  17. Antonia at | | Reply

    Dress & necklace look stunning on her & although the McQueen clutch is also stunning I don’t think it adds anything to the look.

  18. Tee at | | Reply

    I think Twinkle Khanna has a great sense of colour. She mixes and pairs off different colours so well that they do exactly what she intends: contrast and complement each other.
    The red in the clutch looks gorgeous with the aquamarine in the dress and there flows a natural line from her gold necklace to the bronze detail of the clutch

  19. Channellova at | | Reply

    Thats mcqueens signature, its what makes the clutch what it is, its what gives the clutch value. THE SKULL IS NECESSARY.

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