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  1. priya at | | Reply

    doesn’t this count as a Birkin copy?

  2. deewani at | | Reply

    How can you be so sure that these celebs use original bags and not counterfeit ones? can u give us any tips to spot original from fake?

    1. Faiza at | | Reply

      nd u can just tell my quality of it which is fake nd which is not… Also, amke sure no threads r coming out….if u see them then the bag is most likely fake.

      I’m Honestly in love wid this bag…..i really really want the black version of it…..gosh *drool*

  3. kasthuri at | | Reply

    well i prefer buying cheaper versions of other mid-priced brands. These ones get old just like the others anyways..

  4. wannabe at | | Reply

    Wondering if it makes sense for these women to carry such large bags, I can understand if they are corpo types with lots of papers and things like that they need to carry, but just for a brunch/party doesn’t make sense na? And to top it all Madhoo is carrying it like a brief case LOL!

    1. Iris at | | Reply

      agree! about the only Bollywood celeb I’ve seen carry a Birkin/similar tote like it’s meant to be carried is Deepika, at the aiport. most others use it like an evening bag, though it’s clearly not one. (that said, i do like the way Kangna’s carrying hers, tho it’s at an evening event.)

  5. npm at | | Reply

    Interestingly, the girls who chose the Saffiano also reflect Prada’s clean, minimalist modern style – no boufy hair or jangly bracelets or garish makeup. Just wish we’d see more flats in the daytime now – the footwear aesthetic is still a bit green. On the whole, though, a good effort for neophytes into the Western sartorial arena…

    1. Iris at | | Reply

      “neophytes into the Western sartorial arena”… erm, that just sounds SO patronising! indians obviously haven’t been wearing western clothes as long as their american counterparts, but we didn’t discover pants and dresses this morning!

    2. PG at | | Reply

      ewww. What a terribly condescending post! I understand that these starlets come across as such wannabes. But that is because they are not true to their own aesthetic and trying to ape the western one.

      IMO, there is a reason for indian aesthetic and it is hard to many to pull off a western one.

  6. reena at | | Reply

    Wow I wonder how many people reading this blog have a net worth like these celebs and can afford to drop about $2K if you include taxes and stuff on a tote?

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