1. YAY HE HAS A FAUXHAWK AGAIN!!!!! (even if it is too severe…) and HE”S CLEAN SHAVEN!!!
    I agree…he’s too pale to wear that shirt-brings out all the orange
    it would look cuter on a darker…woman
    but hell, I LOOOVE HIM…F
    (…sorry, I’ve been watching The Office for three days straight)

  2. two of my favourite things – sarees and madras plaid! btw, i LOVE kiran’s sarees – the colour combination is perfect for that design. very retro chic.

  3. I find myself completely unable to form an opinion on Aamir’s sartorial quirks…Its hard to tear my eyes off the vision next to him..I always knew a traditional saree with the conventional accesories (including bindi) can never fail..Its the little black dress of that part of the world..Thanks to Kiran for a skilful demonstration of that..

  4. Kiran looks beautiful. A traditional Kanchi saree goes all the way, doesn’t it?
    Don’t think Aamir should be wearing the shirt to a wedding reception, it’s okay to some informal event.

  5. Aamir is SUCH a good looking guy! But his dress sense, off screen, is atrocious!!!! And those tight, figure hugging jeans… I swear he’s been wearing them since the 90s. And that orange shirt just makes him look like a dork.

  6. kiran’s sari is so lovely
    shows that you can wear kanjivarams while still looking young!
    aamir is so underdressed for a wedding reception!!
    they ARE a cute couple though

  7. How Kiran keeps herself away from the ‘Bollywood fashions’ is truly impressive. She is one independent minded, intelligent woman. Love the saree absolutely.
    Aamir is cute anyway … he is a smart man, who cares what he wears!

  8. He is a DORK…a big one…and yes a very cute one. I like his haircut…I don’t liek the shirt on him but who cares what he wears…he looks good regardless. Loving Kiran here. Very chic yet so traditional.

  9. I want to see kiran without her big glasses, I am even willing to pay for the contact lenses, she will look very cute if she just get rid of those black framed glasses,,,,,,,,,GOSH I want to see her WITHOUT GLASSESSSSSS

  10. @me: Maybe Aamir likes her with glasses ;) Or it could be simply that she doesn’t like wearing lenses. Besides she is not an actress.


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