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  1. pdaervo at | | Reply

    YAY HE HAS A FAUXHAWK AGAIN!!!!! (even if it is too severe…) and HE”S CLEAN SHAVEN!!!
    I agree…he’s too pale to wear that shirt-brings out all the orange
    it would look cuter on a darker…woman
    but hell, I LOOOVE HIM…F
    (…sorry, I’ve been watching The Office for three days straight)

  2. ami at | | Reply

    two of my favourite things – sarees and madras plaid! btw, i LOVE kiran’s sarees – the colour combination is perfect for that design. very retro chic.

  3. Anastasia at | | Reply

    I find myself completely unable to form an opinion on Aamir’s sartorial quirks…Its hard to tear my eyes off the vision next to him..I always knew a traditional saree with the conventional accesories (including bindi) can never fail..Its the little black dress of that part of the world..Thanks to Kiran for a skilful demonstration of that..

  4. cooks at | | Reply

    Love the shirt..beautiful color..looks great on him. Also love the saree..beautiful color.

  5. arbitary at | | Reply

    I like Kiran’s look but Aamir looks like he salvaged a bedsheet to make his shirt. They look cute together, though.

  6. dn at | | Reply

    Kiran looks beautiful. A traditional Kanchi saree goes all the way, doesn’t it?
    Don’t think Aamir should be wearing the shirt to a wedding reception, it’s okay to some informal event.

  7. K at | | Reply

    Aamir is SUCH a good looking guy! But his dress sense, off screen, is atrocious!!!! And those tight, figure hugging jeans… I swear he’s been wearing them since the 90s. And that orange shirt just makes him look like a dork.

    1. zainab at | | Reply

      I second that.

  8. PeachBellini at | | Reply

    haha at K, i think he IS a dork in real life. a cute one :)

  9. annie at | | Reply

    I LOVE kiran’s sari

  10. Indian Girl at | | Reply

    I love that orange on Kanchi silks. If I ever were to buy a saree it would be a kanchi silk saree in orange, green with some gold.

    She looks beautiful !

  11. Megha at | | Reply

    kiran’s sari is so lovely
    shows that you can wear kanjivarams while still looking young!
    aamir is so underdressed for a wedding reception!!
    they ARE a cute couple though

  12. vidhya at | | Reply

    I love her sari…So beautiful. The bindi, the mango pattern south indian necklace complements the saree perfectly.

  13. sarah at | | Reply

    How Kiran keeps herself away from the ‘Bollywood fashions’ is truly impressive. She is one independent minded, intelligent woman. Love the saree absolutely.
    Aamir is cute anyway … he is a smart man, who cares what he wears!

  14. sush at | | Reply

    I love kiran’s ultra traditional saree

  15. hmm at | | Reply

    kiran looks amazing – everything goes together so well!

  16. Adi at | | Reply

    He is a DORK…a big one…and yes a very cute one. I like his haircut…I don’t liek the shirt on him but who cares what he wears…he looks good regardless. Loving Kiran here. Very chic yet so traditional.

  17. sharika at | | Reply

    i don’t know much about saris yet but i think kiran looks awesome. i love the colour on her. they look like a sweet couple.

  18. xoxo at | | Reply

    awesome couple..i like kiran and her looks ..but aamir and orange ..dont knw wat tosay.. but still he s the best

  19. me at | | Reply

    I want to see kiran without her big glasses, I am even willing to pay for the contact lenses, she will look very cute if she just get rid of those black framed glasses,,,,,,,,,GOSH I want to see her WITHOUT GLASSESSSSSS

  20. Adi at | | Reply

    @me: Maybe Aamir likes her with glasses ;) Or it could be simply that she doesn’t like wearing lenses. Besides she is not an actress.

  21. MM at | | Reply

    i like it.. much better than the hideous outfit she was wearing when the met with the princess of spain!

  22. Sidra at | | Reply

    i like the print but the huge print dwarfs his small frame.

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