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  1. neha at | | Reply

    is yash birla on drugs ? or is he trying to role-play a 18 year old rocker
    neil and chunky look way too formal for such an event.
    sohail looks so frumpy.. chappals ???

    none of them really impress

  2. VirgoVixen at | | Reply

    Oh awesome lol
    Neil and Dino look great as always;)
    other than that, nothing special
    except that Javed and Yash…just bizarre lol

  3. mk at | | Reply

    I do not get Yash Birla at all.

  4. V at | | Reply

    WOW! Is all i can come up with…..like WOW my eyes r all over the place to comment! The only one i can say looks almost normal is Cyrus!

  5. KK at | | Reply

    I agree with mk – I don’t get Yash Birla at all. He’s like 40 and he dresses like that?! He’s one of the richest people in India and he DRESSES LIKE THAT?!?!
    Dino and Neil look the best!!!!

  6. Kimz604 at | | Reply

    I think Yuvraaj and Neil look the cutest…the rest DESPERATELY need stylests…PRONTO!!!

  7. beans at | | Reply

    Neil and Dino look good (and, may be, Chunky – when you see how badly turned out the others are)….

  8. hot at | | Reply

    yuck worst dressed = yash birla (wtheyy) and javed
    best = cyrus

  9. kaya at | | Reply

    I think the only one that doesn’t hurt the eyes here is Neil… and even he just about makes it :/

    What is it with not even knowing the basics of dressing well with these guys??… You don’t have to LOVE fashion but can you pls.. at least do us the courtesy to lay a few ground rules for yourselves.. some guidelines perhaps ? ugh

  10. Ksmommy at | | Reply

    maybe YB wanted to be an actor/star but cudnt cut it and now cant give up …lol!

  11. spur at | | Reply

    chunky and neil’s shoes .. oh lord, if they were any more pointy.. they just might be confused for weapons!!

    I kinda like dino’s look.. shiny pants cud hav been a darker and less shiny material..

    theres smthin cool about ashish chaudhary’s look too.. again Dark blue/black denims cud hv done the trick for moi!

  12. Azul at | | Reply

    @ Yash Birla: Arrghhh.. my eyes, my eyes!

    Doesn’t he have an empire to run or something? Or is he not into the business side of Birla?

  13. Fever at | | Reply

    LOLL check out Yash..or well, DON’T!
    Sigh..why do our men do this.

  14. pan at | | Reply

    yash for all the money that u have even a local from borivli would have better sense than turn up looking like that!!!! Neil too formal yet tooo damn handsome!

  15. Neeti at | | Reply

    I agree with Neha about Yash. both he and his wife usually dress bizarre.

  16. ar00j at | | Reply

    lol this has been my fav post yet! ashish shoulda left the blazer home, and chunkey needs to work on posture!

  17. jiji at | | Reply

    i’m going to go ahead and say that Ashish is my favourtie here. He looks good. I’ll give a few points to Cyrus who kept it simple but smart… I think Dino is trying to hard… and of those who aren’t trying at all – Sohail wins hands down.

  18. sanjukta at | | Reply

    looks like a parade of ugly men in ugly outfits..what happened to all of them?

  19. lazyU at | | Reply

    And the winner is…. Dino. He’s neither too matchy matchy like neil nor too uncoordinated (& nuts) like yash birla.. Perfect way to do a semi formal..

  20. mj at | | Reply

    cyrus, dino look great- casual and cool. Neil would’ve been ok if it weren’t for his super pointy shoes. chunky even isn’t that bad. the rest of the lot look like serious wannabes. yash birla- the lesser said the better…is he on drugs or does he think he is a model for some S&M store? the guy always looks weird!

  21. R at | | Reply

    Seeing how they turn up, I think Salman and Sohail Khan should be banned from public events (where they aren’t styled) as part of social service to our eyes.
    Cyrus looks okay here… the rest.. ughhh!!!

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