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  1. Kashmira at | | Reply

    Such a gawdawful dress!

  2. vidhya at | | Reply

    Bad dress and what are those things in her feet? hate the look on tulsi

  3. Aarthi at | | Reply

    Neha looks so much more stylish — the dress is quite bad though

  4. rose at | | Reply

    eww such an ugly dress! yuck… esp. tulsi though.. she looks terrible

  5. Neha at | | Reply

    It was a pretty dress.
    Y’know, until a bike ran over it.

  6. Surbhi at | | Reply

    neha makes the dress work inspite of the beauty queen like sash running in the middle

  7. Priyanka D at | | Reply

    Another case of dressing up in something that doesn’t suit your body type. Even if the dress is ugly, it looks horrendous on Tulsi. Or maybe I should say that Tulsi makes it look horrendous, cos looking at Neha, my first reaction was what a sad dress on such a wow girl..

  8. Adit at | | Reply

    Ugly dress given by designer FREE to the girls, some it suits and some it does not.

  9. K at | | Reply

    Tulsi Kumar looks like she’s 12 years old in that picture.

  10. AstralDust at | | Reply

    This is a credit to Neha that she makes this dress work for her! I really like her style, she changes it up nicely.

  11. Monika at | | Reply

    Tulsi really doesn’† have the body type to carry off a short, revealing dress. She should stick to salwar kameezes and an occasional lehenga. If I had a body like hers I wouldn’t want to show much of it to the world…

  12. rubywoo at | | Reply

    Neha’s hair and makeup look lovely – ugly dress.

    Tulsi needs to get herself some honest girlfriends and fast! – no real friend would let her girl go out of the house looking shoehorned into something that a)doesn’t fit b) doesn’t suit her body shape and c) makes her look like a bit of an aging good-time girl

  13. isabelle at | | Reply

    i think it suits neha more than it does to tulsi but the dress is average

  14. Thalassa at | | Reply

    Tulsi of Tulsi pan masala fame? No, seriously who is this girl? A TV actress? It’s hard to keep tabs, there are so many of them around these days.

  15. Thalassa at | | Reply

    Oh and Tulsi’s not fat. She has what I would call a swimmer’s shoulders.

    Have you ladies ever seen girls who swim competitively? They develop these large well-built upper torsos and rather scrawny legs.

    I don’t know if Tulsi’s a swimmer, but that’s the kind of body she has. Not fat – by a long shot.

    Oh, and I finally figured out who she is since I think she’s standing next to Divya Khosla. Of course, she’s Gulshan Kumar’s daughter. I think I even see a slight family resemblance.

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