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    May be that is intentional (Desperate women !!)

  3. kinny at | | Reply

    lol! omg…i feel bad for them…

  4. Monika at | | Reply

    I sometimes feel we get a tad too vicious here.

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    “mhm, that’s right, unh huh, oh no! Fix yourself girl, you’ve got a camel-toe”

    GOD I have never seen such a defined camel toe before… sick.

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    omg!!!!!!!! blasphemous

  7. Adit at | | Reply

    what was the event, becos I have seen Urmila come in Manish Malhotra and stand out looking fantastic.

  8. Homer at | | Reply

    LMAO! Prolly it is an attraction(role) seeking stunt :P


  9. racket at | | Reply

    @ Monika: We are not being vicious here. It is called emphatic observance. No? P&P are way too polite with their ‘observance’, compared to what’s happening on the rest of fashion blogs.

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    OMG… eww! Urmila has done that before which was just as bad as tulips, so this time thank God its not as cameltoe-d (?) as the latter!

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    aiyayay.. but then lycra pants can only be worn by the woman of perfect shape..

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    doesn’t she look at the mirror when she leaves the house? (tulip) omg xD

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    “VJJ monologue”

  14. shipra at | | Reply

    Pickachu Show

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    I compleltey agree racket, have any of you guys ever read the fug girls (as much as I love them) P&P are angels in comparison
    …although they do get in on a bit on their MTV thing

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    I feel almost sad for Tulip.This must be the most embarassing photo ever!

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    ROFL @ Sunita

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    there is never an excuse for the camel toe. never.

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    @ racket: You’re right. This blog IS nicer than many others. Just that… I guess the thought that first crossed my mind when I saw this was uh, oh, we’re here to talk about fashion but we’re getting very nasty now. But then, to step out looking like that… I guess these ladies should’ve known they had it coming. :DDDDD

  21. Adi at | | Reply

    Poor poor Tulip!!! She should just laugh it off!! and rem never to wear those pants again!!

  22. suchi at | | Reply

    was her date blind? I think someone shd have told her before she left from home. No excuses.

  23. Amanda at | | Reply

    HA HA HA,
    btw are those some BOOTS that urmila is wearing with those pants? arent these work out pants?

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    its so cheap n disgusting that u r pointin to that…n then ve complain bout guys being nasty…

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