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    no way…………

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    Are you kidding me?????

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    If it wasn’t bad enough, I think there is something in her right leg (I can’t identify) which is appearing under the lace…

  5. pritha at | | Reply

    *mouth wide open not being able to comment*

  6. karishma g at | | Reply

    eeeks. vile outfit. what was she thinking?

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    OH MY LORD… who designs these hideous outfits.. and top of it off – people actually wear it.

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    what was she thinking? what was the designer thinking?

  10. nzgirl at | | Reply

    spelling mistake

    and to top it off*

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    d.i.y gone horribly horribly wrong!?

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    OH MY GOD!!


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    Oh dear… those jeans!!!
    Someone, save her

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    aaaaaaaaaaaaa a silent scream from my numb mouth

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    I can’t believe this!!!
    If any of you in the US watch HSN or QVC, this reminds me of the Quaker factory designs…aaarrrgghhh!

  16. karishma g at | | Reply

    i think she must have made these herself on her sewing machine or got her poor tailor to do it. it looks home made.

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    Is she serious!

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    This is exactly like something I would have dreamed up at 14 for some poor hapless tailor to make. But even I know better now!! And as she doesn’t seem to be 14, so should she…what was she THINKING?

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    horrendous outfit….!!!!! My eyes hurt…

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    oh my god!!!!! i heard abt DIY jeans desgins but this looks like from some dupatta n stuff ……….not good……….

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    Haha! She’s made my night! I treasure such visual evidence of the inconsistencies of the human pysche….Happy smile plastered on my face. To bed , i say!

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    this is just plain old SAD.

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    Tht’s disgusting! Never mind the top, I can’t believe she wore those hideous pants!

  24. Fancy Nancy at | | Reply

    oh God!

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    OMG what’s wrong with people how hard it is to dress up….

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    next time I won’t care to see whats inside & wait for an UPGRADE post to make me feel better..

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    HAHAA this looks like something my 5 year old niece would love to wear…seriously this outfit is sooo bad…if she’s attempting to look younger it’s not working

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    my first reaction was – well the top’s not THAT bad – she must have really bad shoes to classify for a wtheyyy

    no way i was prepared for this
    forget why she is wearing them, my question is why do those jeans(??) even exist

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    what’s the big deal, it’s not good but not that bad.

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    definitely the worst pari of jeans i have seen in a looong time…if you can call them jeans that is….

  32. Kav at | | Reply

    i meant pair of jeans…

  33. Ashi at | | Reply

    That wouldn’t be SO bad………if she was a showgirl performing in Las Vegas.

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    OMG! How perfect that the page loaded slowly- drawing out the conclusion, building the suspense…lmao from now on, P&P, EVERY WTHeyy must be like that! :D

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    omg i TOTALLY was NOT expecting this!!!!!

    this is hilarious!!!! I mean the lurid top was like, yeh yeh, too top heavy etc etc and then when you said there was more, i was thinking maybe she’s rolled her pants up and is wearing hideous shoes or something….(and from what i can see in the comments above, that’s broadly what everyone expected)…

    and then it comes up with this! ahahahahahaahahaha totally unexpected!!! jaw droppingly awesome! ;) hehe

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    OMG WTF!.sorry my vocabulary fails me.

  38. stuti at | | Reply

    totally agree with Belle. am still in shock though. yuck. why?? and how??

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    OMG!!looking at Tulip, Sonali looks like a ‘DIVA’, in her neat saaree.

  40. anna at | | Reply

    what ws she thinking???
    how cn someone celeb or not wear those in public…

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    seriously..WTF.. how could she wear something so disgusting.. sad sad..senseless dressing..

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    hello????? i cant believe my eyes….

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    when I first saw the pic, I was shocked and really wanted to leave a strong comment but as I scrolled down I realised there is nothing left for me to comment….everybody else has all reacted the way I would have…. really hideous clothes.

  45. monika s at | | Reply

    ghosh my eyes r paining..

    Even People in my dreadful dreams dress much better then her…

  46. Roni at | | Reply

    Lacy nightmare……………this girl needs a stylist…period.

  47. BLAHHH at | | Reply

    I wonder if the award she is holding is for being the worst dressed lady of the night….haha

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    omg the pants look diseased LOL

  49. Nidhi Sharma at | | Reply

    Goshhh….!!! NO..!!

  50. Artie at | | Reply

    OH. MY. GOD!

    Its like she wanted to convert her teenage “pedal pushers” to full length pants, with mumma’s old saree :P.

    I am speechless. Really!

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    Ooops!! This was so unexpected.Like everyone else commented I was thinking may be she has an atrocious pair of shoes on apart from that bad top… but seriously this was beyond imagination.. (of everyone I guess).. I mean, like how is THAT possible????

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    *GASP* I’m in shock, that outfit is causing way too much trauma.

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    Are you serious?!?!?!?!?!?!

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    @Artie-that is a good one…pedal pushers to pants with mom’s 70’s saree….haahaa….i cant stop rolling with laughter…lol

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    OMG *speechless with horror* some body slap the stylist, and the designer and who ever let her out of the house looking like that

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    Lol. Thanks Genie!

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