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  1. Aania at | | Reply

    Better accessories would have helped

    1. arpitha at | | Reply

      i too agree.

      also a different hair style would have helped.

      1. annie at | | Reply

        and a better dress!

  2. chandani at | | Reply

    There are too many elements in the dress. The dress with the neck detail, and without the pleats would have looked much better. A sleek pony tail to boot would have upped the style quotient.

  3. piyali at | | Reply

    badly accessorized …

  4. Buntz at | | Reply

    Yuck! Its terrible overall

  5. Jiya at | | Reply

    Its a v simple one..but ther is sumthin bout this dress that i like…ofcourse the neck details are also v nicely done

  6. ZI at | | Reply

    Hate her choice of footwear….but the dress is pretty!

  7. Jenney at | | Reply

    The neckline is so busy and apears to be really heavy, even if I look at it for too long, my nexk begins to hurt lol

    A neat ponytail n studs might have saved it somewhat.

  8. radhika at | | Reply

    she looks like aishwarya in the middle pic.

  9. deemelinda at | | Reply

    its an ugly dress!

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