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  1. Senorita at | | Reply

    Poorna is such a refreshing change from the usual B’town babes. I love how she makes these edgy designs her own.

  2. Jane at | | Reply

    Whilst Trisha makes the dress look trashy, Poorna alleviates it with elegance.

  3. Pavitra at | | Reply

    The dress fit Poorna way better. The length on Trisha is off too. However, no denying Ms. Krishnan looks good neck up.

  4. Adara at | | Reply

    Sorry to say but Poorna looks like a skinny old man. 0_0 I dont mind the dress on Trisha since she is pretty slim to wear that dress. She has to do something about her makeup particularly that eye shadow.

    1. hema at | | Reply

      +1 you said it :)

  5. s at | | Reply

    Please dress does fit well on trisha and better than poorna.

    But agree on the hemline and shoes.

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