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  1. arpitha at | | Reply

    karishma looks to be travelling in some style compared to others, but she looks so tired & sleep deprived.

    Madhuri not great in terms of style,but looks refreshed after her vacation.
    whats with the red chain ?? had she skipped the chain, earrings & opted for wavy or straight hair she would have looked the most stylish there)

  2. Srilalitha at | | Reply

    Karishma looks so so tired, with dark circles :( not her usual self!!!

  3. SB at | | Reply

    Madhuri looks wonderful. Pretty as a flower.

  4. Vaishnavi at | | Reply

    Mads…you DEFINITELY need a new stylist…pronto!!!

  5. RoRo at | | Reply

    Madhuri looks fresh as a daisy,so pretty the rest look haggard

  6. Lalitha at | | Reply

    I love Rani but can’t help but feel she is wearing satin PJs….say it ain’t so!

  7. ZM at | | Reply

    Raveena always looks bad. Juhi is in a monisha jaisingh top yet not really pulling it off. Karishma looks the best of all

  8. soniya agarwal at | | Reply

    madhuri still seems to follow style of her times…sad…not only here but also at many other public appearnces…still in love wid the 90s hair, footware n jewellary…cmon mads u r a pretty lady..we need 2 c u turn out more classily

    1. nal at | | Reply

      yes, she always looks very late 80s, early 90s style

  9. salwa at | | Reply

    most definitely, Raveena. Nice without any make up.

  10. hamsanat at | | Reply

    Raveena and Juhi. Mad is with make up

  11. Natasha at | | Reply

    karisma look so washed out ..all of them do …

  12. Lola at | | Reply

    Karishma does it for me and she is always stylish. She has flawless skin; although tired looking, she looks great is without make-up.

  13. nal at | | Reply

    juhi and raveena look cute but karishma is the clear winner! so simple and put together.

  14. vee at | | Reply

    Karisma looked most stylish compared to the rest. I want those shoes! The bag is a nice touch.

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