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  1. Nandini at | | Reply

    Wow. She’s really young for a foreign minister, but more power to her. I love the simplicity of how she’s dressed. She proves that being classy is timeless.

  2. rvc at | | Reply

    It’s rather fussy and vain to change before landing and I like that she didn’t. She looks very classy and is somehow not overwhelmed by the monochrome. Lovely look.

    1. Srilalitha at | | Reply

      totally my thought too :)

      1. sakina at | | Reply

        omg P AND P LOLL trust me the foriegn minister of a country has bigger concerns than crushed fabric. cannot believe you suggested that. what are you guys, 16?

        she looks so classy doesnt she?

        1. kasthuri at | | Reply

          HAhahahhahaha….this is funny…..! I agree….ITs too vain and given the bags she carries, the last thing she needs is more vanity.

      2. divya at | | Reply

        i too completely agree! :)

      3. Enne at | | Reply

        I completely agree! She’s the Fing foreign minister, not a runway model! Let someone in that country focus on important issues rather than bollywood!
        Anyway, she looks better and more classy than most of the others featured on this blog!

  3. lolita at | | Reply

    At first glance, I thought she was Twinkle Khanna….

    1. S at | | Reply

      me too!!!!!!!

      1. shalini at | | Reply

        hey even I thought the same.

      2. kismet at | | Reply

        ME TOO!! haha

        Anyway she’s the foreign minister not some fashion obsessed celeb that she needs to change before landing. Yeah maybe wear a kameeze in a material that doesn’t crease so much would be a better idea for her.

      3. will-kill-for-exclusivity at | | Reply

        me 3

      4. b at | | Reply

        me three!!!!

    2. leoine lion at | | Reply

      so did i!!!

    3. KK at | | Reply

      YES! I see it too..

    4. SMV at | | Reply

      Ditto!!!I thought what was Twinkle Khanna doing in Pak, until I read the post

  4. olala at | | Reply

    How would one not mistake her for Twinkle Khanna?

    1. Kumar at | | Reply

      i seriously thought it was twinkle too!

  5. diptiN at | | Reply

    never seen a politician carry a birkin bag. She looks good, I love the solid color chiffon dupatta – it drapes so beautifully. love the color. Not crazy about the orange highlights, I am glad the dupatta covers them.

    1. kasthuri at | | Reply

      I agree…never seen a politician carry a birkin……..
      But i agree she looks very very classy !

      1. rushil at | | Reply

        she has graduated from MIT for god sake! and sure knows a lot about fashion! keeping in mind her style sense and the fact that she is a polititian, 10/10 for the look!

        1. taxzu at | | Reply

          She is not MIT graduate. She studied at LUMS and than from University of Massachusetts

    2. V at | | Reply

      Apparently its a common fact she always carries a Birkin especially on foreign trips.

  6. Sanju at | | Reply

    doesn’t she look strikingly similar to Twinkle Khanna here???? … or is it just me …

  7. SushiQ at | | Reply

    Elegant! Does remind anyone else of Twinkle Khanna or is it just me?

  8. Desimom at | | Reply

    Wow !! She is beautiful. (Twinkle Khanna’s long lost cousin ? )
    That shade of blue color gives her a classy look. No wonder it is called royal-blue.

    PnP, your recommendation of a different fabric I can get, but change of dress before landing? really ?

  9. Rezia at | | Reply

    So nice to see someone who can be both a feminist and fashion icon. That’s a rare combination, sadly.

  10. dips at | | Reply

    she is replica of twinkle….

  11. maira at | | Reply

    i’m glad i’m not the only one who thinks she looks like twinkle khanna!

  12. May at | | Reply

    STUNNING !!!!

  13. nelly at | | Reply

    Wow! simple yet gorgeous. A breath of fresh air if you ask me especially in today’s world where fashion OTTs is the norm. Very classy, can’t even fault her crushed kurta.

  14. Divya Ramanan at | | Reply

    So elegant!! Looks much more beautiful ( in the true sense of the word) than Twinkle!

  15. bongbabe at | | Reply

    i thought she was twinkle khanna.

    i dont know, her crumpled kameez isnt such a big deal to me.

  16. Roni at | | Reply

    For a sec I thought she was Twinkle Khanna !!! She looks darn good …very elegant.

  17. priya at | | Reply

    whoa! i thought this was Twinkle Khanna! she looks elegant and classy. :)

    1. priya at | | Reply

      you know what…i just googled her images, and w/o those shades, she doesn’t look like Twinkle AT ALL!!! Amazing how your eyes can make you look soooooo different and how shades can make u look like someone else! haha

  18. monika at | | Reply

    She is such a “looker”.Love that blue on her

  19. kiwi at | | Reply

    Looks like Twinkle Khanna.. she looks elegant

  20. Puja at | | Reply

    She is so beautiful.. n God no way she look similar to twinkle.. both r different yet beautiful bt so different..
    crushed kurta is a shame.. u r rt PnP she sud have changed before stepping out.. she is a diplomat.. n sud look every inch a diplomat.. crisp n clean..
    crush aside.. she indeed looks gr8 in tht color..

  21. HeadtoHeels at | | Reply

    Very elegant and graceful.. Love how she wears the monochrome scheme without it wearing her!

    Also love the fact she did not change to avoid crumpled-ness cuz not everyone can be perfect and it is totally acceptable to appear like that after travelling..

  22. sania at | | Reply

    Who knows if she changed AFTER she landed? Seriously, why is it such a big deal, she still looks amazing regardless. She clearly handles herself with a lot of grace – lovely.

  23. Faiza at | | Reply

    wow beautiful….i did google her aswell she looks totally different…i thought she looked like raveen tondan.

    1. Keats at | | Reply

      I agree..she resembles Raveena a lot!

  24. dn at | | Reply

    Very elegant. Love the colour and the pearls with it. Read she is a Birkin woman.

    Impressive, 34 and foreign minister! Hope things move in the right direction with her at the helm.

  25. Kbkb at | | Reply

    She looks every inch the blue blooded aristocrat! her shades and pearls take me back more to Jackie-O than Twinkle Khanna. She proves that you dont have to wear skimpy clothes or be age inappropriate to be fashionable

  26. A_rarity at | | Reply

    A flight from Lahore to New Delhi lasts 30 minutes (I have been on one). While it makes sense to wear a fabric that doesn’t crush as much as silk (although nothing says formal like silk does) it doesn’t make sense to change on such a short flight.

  27. The Mad Momma at | | Reply

    I have to say that I’d have very little respect for a politician vain enough to change before landing. They’re not models and they’re not here for the way they look at all.

    Cotton is great for our kind of climates and why shouldn’t she be crushed? She’s just human and getting off a flight. I’ve never understood the pressure to look good straight off a journey.

    That apart – think she looks lovely. Great choice of colour. Lovely outfit. Beautiful face.

    1. Sharin at | | Reply

      They’re not models but looks is huge for a politician. Image is key.

  28. V at | | Reply

    I gotta agree with PnP, she should have changed or made sure she was wearing the right clothes before she boarded, I suspect the flight isn’t that long. When you know your going to get photo-graphed and the likes, you should make sure your well dressed, especially if your holding such a high post. But she sure is good looking in royal blue:)

  29. s at | | Reply

    I don’t think she looks like Twinkle Khanna either.
    She is beautiful. So classy. Love the pearls.

  30. Priyanka Gill at | | Reply

    too cool – the shades look like cavallli… and a Birkin on a politician… love it!

  31. Sheikha at | | Reply

    when I saw her on tv yesterday, I wondered if she had caught PnP’s eyes and voila! today I see her here! Thats some goodlookin’, classy, young foreign minister!

  32. sara at | | Reply

    Pakistan is full of beautiful women i myself never noticed her as v have so many gorgeous women here she is below avg for us

    1. M at | | Reply

      sara there is no dearth of beautiful women in pakistan AND india…its the lethal combination of beauty + BRAINS + GRACE that is winnin hina so many fans :))

      1. Sheikha at | | Reply


        1. Sheikha at | | Reply

          …otherwise there wouldn’t be 60 comments and counting!

      2. kasthuri at | | Reply

        Ditto ! Love ur response.

  33. arpitha at | | Reply

    fashion wise though the blue & pearls look nice, but the outfit itself has nothing much to speak about mainly the fabric.

  34. sara at | | Reply

    she was my senior at the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS). didn’t really care for her looks back then and don’t recall her being one of the “stylish” girls, but she certainly looks very elegant now. Also very appropriately dressed given that she’s a politician and not a celebrity ( kashmala tariq please take notes!!!)

    1. A_rarity at | | Reply

      Guess whose having the last laugh now? :P

  35. FancyNancy at | | Reply


  36. Veethi at | | Reply

    Roberto Cavalli shades, Birkin bag..who have thought of sighting a politician in such a glam avtaar..totally loving her in this appearance..loved her second all-white appearance even more!

  37. rina at | | Reply

    Can’t understand he fuss over a politician’s clothes honestly why is it so strange that she has alighted with a few creases in her kameez after all she is not Royalty who come with a whole wardrobe and have to change on board……also the back ground she comes from means that a Birkin is just another bag and not a wealth statement!!!!!

  38. meria at | | Reply

    her appearance is so simple! but that simplicity costs a lot! btw love her look!!

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